What Are The Adverse Consequences Of Using An Unqualified Air Filter?

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Update time : 2019-10-28 10:14:08

An air filter is a device that purifies air. Dust, sand and various impurities in the air, if directly entered into the engine cylinder for incineration, will accelerate the wear of the engine, and then reduce the service life of the engine, and even form severe damage to the engine. So what are the consequences if you use an unqualified air filter? We are responsible for telling you as a Deep Filtration Air Filter Cartridge Supplier.

First of all, we need to know the classification of air filters. Air filters are divided into: dry air filters, wet air filters, and dry air filters are the most commonly used on car models. Filter data For filter paper or non-woven fabric. In order to add air through the area, the filter element is mostly processed with many fine folds. When the filter is slightly defaced, it can be blown off with compressed air. When the filter is badly damaged, the new filter element should be replaced in time. In general, the air filter does not have an accurate replacement moment. It is confirmed according to the environment in which the vehicle is used, but the replacement time is not longer than one year, and the vehicle travel interval does not exceed 15,000 kilometers. So what problems will the air filter show if it is not replaced regularly? If the filter is clogged, the intake resistance will be added and the engine power will drop. Together, because of the addition of air resistance, the driving computer will also discriminate the amount of gasoline that is sucked in, resulting in an excessively rich mixture of gas, and then the engine operating condition is deteriorated, fuel consumption is added, and carbon deposition is simply generated.


Air Filter

These are the consequences of our subjective reasons for the occasional replacement of the Air Filter. What happens if a residual air filter is used? Qualified air-in-the-air filters ensure the amount of air intake required for engine operation and filter out foreign matter in the air. The residual filter element has poor quality of manufacturing materials, resulting in excessive or too small intake air volume, and even does not function as a filter. Foreign matter easily enters the engine, causing severe engine wear. In addition, the service life of the residual air filter is also low, and it is usually dirty after several hundred kilometers, and the residual filter adds the intake resistance, the engine power is reduced or the fuel consumption is added, and carbon deposition is likely to occur.

So what should we do to address the above problems? For the replacement and maintenance of the air filter, the air filter filters out dust, carbon and debris from the air before the intake air is mixed with the fuel, and then ensures that the intake air is clean. When the fuel per unit volume is incinerated, about 10,000 units of air are required to pass through the filter, and fine particulate dust can cause severe wear and tear on the components. Therefore, the replacement period of the normal protection of the air filter is 48,000 km, and a routine inspection is performed every 24,000 km, and the referral replacement period of the preservation protection is 24,000 km. The atmosphere contains three fundamental particle contaminants of different densities, namely dust, debris and carbon particles. On open highways, the dust content is lower than in rural and built areas. In areas with high dust concentrations, the frequency of inspection and replacement of air filters is higher. The air filter can be inspected during daily oil replacement. Take off the filter and carefully check the inside of the wrinkles. Sometimes the exterior of the filter appears to be clean, but the interior is now very dirty and it is necessary to replace it immediately.

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