What Are The Applications Of Commercial Vehicle Air Filters?

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Update time : 2019-11-04 10:10:34

What are the applications of commercial vehicle air filters? Modern commercial vehicles are moving towards high-speed heavy-duty and low-emission development, and the filtration of oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, etc. used in commercial vehicles is proposed high requirements. What are those aspects? A Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier will come to tell you.

First, the oil filter

The traditional main oil passage filter is mostly full-flow filter, the filter flow resistance is generally small, and the filtration precision is not high. For higher power and fuel economy, the oil filter is required to ensure the supply of oil, and the high filtration accuracy is required to ensure that the initiator can work normally. If you use a traditional oil filter, the life expectancy will be greatly reduced.

Second, full flow split flow oil filter

The filter element of the new full-flow split-flow oil filter is composed of two parts, one is the full-flow filter element, the flow resistance is small, the filtration precision is not high; the other is the split filter element, the filtration precision is high, the volume of ash is large, and the flow resistance is large. . The full-flow filter element with small flow resistance ensures that the oil is not stopped, and the impurities are filtered by the shunt filter with high filtration precision.

Air Filter

Air filter

Third, supercharger oil filter

The supercharger has a significant effect on the advancement of the engine power and the improvement of emissions. Modern commercial vehicles have used exhaust gas turbochargers. The supercharger is very fine and works at high speed. Once the impurities enter, the supercharger will wear out very quickly, so it is necessary to add a special oil filter for the supercharger.

Fourth, centrifugal oil filter

The new centrifugal oil filter is useful for filtering impurities. The rotor is designed for one-time use and can be directly replaced after the service life is reached, making it easier to protect and maintain. In the smooth system parallel centrifugal oil filter, there is great assistance in reducing the amount of impurities in the oil.

Five, fuel filter

The electronically controlled fuel eruption system is used throughout modern commercial vehicle launchers. Because the cooperation of components of the electronically controlled fuel eruption system is more and more fine, especially the cooperation gap between the fine parts is very small, higher requirements are placed on the quality of the fuel. Because the gaps in cooperation are reduced, the fuel injection system is particularly sensitive to the water and impurities of the fuel. Therefore, the fuel filter must have high water separation power and filtration accuracy.

Six, multi-tube cyclone air pre-filter

Commercial vehicles are used in harsh environments, and traditional paper Air filter are prone to blockage, resulting in frequent maintenance and replacement of air filter cartridges. The new multi-tube cyclone air pre-filtration equipment uses the centrifugal principle to separate the dust from the air. The filtration power exceeds 85%. If the appropriate ash discharge is set, the filtration power can reach 95%. The installation of this air pre-filter in front of the paper air filter can greatly extend the life of the paper filter and reduce the number of maintenance and cost.

In addition, the air filter does not need to be replaced, and only needs to be regularly arranged without any adverse effects on the environment.

The above is about the application of commercial vehicle air filter, I hope to help everyone, and if you are interested in air filter, you can contact us, we have a variety of automotive filters including Oil Filters, hydraulic oil filters, etc. ,welcome.