The Filter Element Is An Important Heart Of Precision Filtration Equipment

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Update time : 2019-08-15 15:56:27

Here is Vulcanizing Machine Filter Element Supplier talking about the importance of filter to the filtration equipment.

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Stainless Steel Sintered Filter
Stainless Steel Sintered Filter

The filter element of the fine filter is made of anti-corrosion reinforced nylon end cap and anti-corrosion filter core frame, which can be used even under severe working conditions. The operation of the equipment is convenient, the filtration speed is high, the flushing is simple, no power is needed, energy saving and environmental protection. The sealing point of the filter element and the filter housing is chosen to ensure that the air flow does not exhibit a short circuit.

The filter element uses a strong hydrophobic and oleophobic fiber filter material, and the skeleton with good permeability and high strength is chosen to reduce the resistance of the filter. The scouring of the equipment not only adheres to the high flow rate of the system, but also has a very low pressure drop. The filter element uses a fine-opening sponge to prevent the oil from being entrained by the high-speed airflow, so that the fine oil droplets passing down are collected at the lower end of the filter sponge and discharged to the bottom of the container.

The equipment does not need high bypass handling during the installation process, which reduces the capital and equipment cost of the bypass three valves, and directly installs without any support structure, saving space.

There is no need to dismantle the sewage, reduce the labor intensity, avoid many operations during the commissioning and repair process, and save labor and time. Why is the filter element the heart of a fine filtration device? After reading our introduction today, I believe we have some knowledge of this. These seemingly simple common senses are sometimes just in our practical use.

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