The Features Of Filter Dust Collector

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Update time : 2019-08-09 15:29:27

Here is Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Supplier talking about the features of filter dust collector.

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The module can be combined with air volume of 2000--100000 m3/h according to the working environment requirements. The touch screen PLC actively controls to facilitate investigation of the operation status. The external fan unit occupies the box body, which can greatly increase the air volume and automatically clean the filter cartridge online. It is not necessary to suspend other operations of the host. When the filter cartridge is saturated and the resistance reaches a certain allowable value, the injection valve is actively opened and in the host operation process. The filter units are individually backflushed cleanly in sequence.

Breathable Hydraulic Oil Filter

The internal use of high-efficiency membrane filter cartridge as a filter element, good moisture resistance, high strength, and significant improvement in throughput. The sealing is good, the structure is compact, the secondary dust removal is avoided, and the floor space is saved. Long service life, no need to frequently replace the filter elements, up to five years of protection, so that the dust collector has been in excellent working conditions.

Compressed air actively blows off the ash, uses the filter material to regenerate, has no paste phenomenon, low pressure loss, reduces fan energy consumption, and saves electricity. Sub-micron filtration, which can be discharged directly without a chimney.

Imported injection valve, its life exceeds 1 million times, energy-saving compressed air consumption, compared with the traditional dust collector, the injection pressure can be reduced by more than 30%. The use of 1um adjustable filter can effectively avoid the inhalation of particulate matter containing water and oil.

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