What Is The Purpose Of The Hydraulic Filter Outlet?

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Breathable Hydraulic Oil Filter
Breathable Hydraulic Oil Filter

What is the use of the Breathable Hydraulic Oil Filter outlet? The hydraulic filter is used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution degree of the working medium.

The function of the hydraulic filter outlet is to provide protection for downstream components. Please see the specific introduction below:

The filter outlet provides protection for downstream components, but the oil pump is the first to be compromised by all contaminants entering the system. The return line filter is ideal for capturing particles before they invade critical components, including oil pumps. However, if there is often flow pulsation and pressure shock, the filter's protection may fail. In important applications, the use of a bypass circuit oil filter may be the best method. The oil filter unit draws oil from the oil return zone of the fuel tank, and then drains the oil to the pump suction zone of the fuel tank or directly to the pump suction line. The bypass circuit uses a low pressure pump (0.4 to 0.8 MPa), usually with a larger filter or multiple filter combinations. A unique configuration has been developed in which the filter element can be replaced at any time without interfering with the system. With a bypass filtration system, air is not introduced into the main system.

Hydraulic filter: general hydraulic oil; phosphate grease; emulsion; water-hexane

Material: glass fiber filter paper - BN; stainless steel woven mesh - W; wood pulp filter paper - P; stainless steel sintered mesh - V;

Filtration accuracy: 1μ ~ 100μ

Working pressure: 21bar-210bar

Working medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphate grease, emulsion, water-glycol

Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ +110 ° C

Sealing material: fluorine rubber ring, nitrile rubber.

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