ZWL Irrigation System Self Priming Water Pump

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Shanghai, China (Mainland)
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Centrifugal Pump
Single-stage Pump
Waste Water
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Irrigation System Self Priming Pump ZWL Water Pump                   


ZWL Direct Connection Self-Priming Sewage Pump is a based a latest product based on research of the same technology abroad. The pump is combined with self-priming and sewage with shaft reverse outside mixture. Besides, special design in body and impeller can be used as self-priming water pump without installing base valve and water diversion, and suction of solid and fluid with macro fiber, which can be widely used in municipal sewage engineering, pond breeding, light industry, paper making, textile manufacturing, food, chemistry, electric undertaking, fiber, slurry, mixture of suspension.


Compared with the same product at home, direct connection structure is compact, less shake, good performance in self-priming, excellent in sewage drain, efficient and energy saving, easy maintenance and leading in sewage pump in China. Various technical performances is leading at home as well as reaching international advanced level with wide application and development prospect.



l  Environment humidity ≤50°C, medium temperature ≤ 80°C, specialty in 200°C.

l  PH medium of cast iron ranges from 6-9, stainless steel is from 2-13.

l  Density of medium is less than 1240 kg/m3.

l  Self-priming height is less than 4. 5m-5. 5m, suction tube length is ≤ 10m.

l  Capacity of suspended particles passing is less than 60%of diameter pump outlet. fiber length is fifth times than pump diameter.

Technical Parameters:



l  Check pump base and pump cover and other joint part whether is loosen.

l  Turn the fan of motor by hand to check whether it is stuck.

l  Open upper water-adding valve, feed water more than two-thirds of pump volume. Close the valve and never feed water again next time.

l  Turn on the pump for test run, as clockwise run from the motor.

l  Operate and observe whether pump is under normal. If not, please find out and fix it.







No water comes out

1. Not enough water storage

2. Suction line leak

3. Voltage below level

4. High suction head or longer suction tube

5. Wrong direction of motor

6. Default phase

7. Heavier viscosity and density of medium

8. Higher head of delivery

1. Fill enough water

2. Eliminate gas leak

3. Adjust voltage

4. Reduce suction head or shorten tube

5. Adjust motor direction

6. Check wiring and repair

7. Dilute medium

8. Change pump or reduce head of delivery

Less water come out

1. Incorrect use. Impeller passage and suction tube is stuck.

2. Impeller badly worn

3. Seal ring damage

1. Clear out

2. Change impeller

3. Change

Pump is badly vibrated and noisy.

1. Unstable base

2. Bearing badly worn

1. Reinforce

2. Change it

Motor heating

1. Higher flow and overload operation

2. Friction

3. Bearing damage

4. Under voltage

1. Turn down discharge valve

2. Check and eliminate

3. Change

4. Voltage stabilization

Pump leaking

1. The connecting bolt looseness

2. Seal wear

3. Pump body with sand holes or broken

4. Sealing surface is not flat

1. Tightening up

2. Change

3. Welding repair or replacement

4. Repair

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