oil filter cartridge ue319 series,UE319AS13H

Item No.: UE319AS13H
Description Review

Z&L hydraulic oil filter cartridge ue319 seriesUE319AS13H
Product Ability

Element series: HC4754  series 
Construction:Cartridge Filter
Place of Origin:HEBEI. CHINA
Brand Name:Z&L FILTER
Weight 4.9KG:
Type:Pleated Cartridge hydraulic Filter Element
Material:glass fiber,, Metal Net,stainless steel
Filtration micron: 10  micron
Filtration efficiency : 98%
Working pressure (PSI) : 305
Low operating temperature (F) : -13
High operating temperature (F) : 248
Flow: from outside to inside
Material of gasket: nitrile rubber
Fluid type: HH/ HL/ HM/ HV/ HFD
Accuracy: 10 microns

 Product parameter

Filter media – fully synthetic composite.
End caps – Electrostatic-Coating, Seepage zinc plate, Galvanized (ASTM A653, 60G TST, both sides) or stainless steel.
In / Out Liner – Electrostatic-Coating, Seepage zinc plate, Galvanized (ASTM A653, 60G TST, both sides) or stainless steel.
Potting – Media shall be permanently and completely bonded to the end caps with Polyurethane or Plastisol or epoxy sealant.
Gasket – Seamless EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber - ASTM D1418) or molded in place urethane or polyisoprene sponge rubber.
Pleats are to be stabilized by hot-melt adhesive on both inner and outer cores.
Filters are to have polyester coalescing wrap (per-filter) pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Z&L hydraulic oil filter cartridge ue319 seriesUE319AS13H
 Product introduction
Z&L Filter produces  UE319AS13H hydraulic oil filter products, the filter material is divided into domestic filter material and imported filter material, glass fiber filter paper adopts experimental grade high-quality filter paper, filter core support frame end cover are thickened and the surface after special chemical treatment, chemical stability bearing capacity is greatly improved

Efficiency - F9. at least 99.9% (HEPA).
Hydrophobic  (water proof),  moisture proof,  Antiflaming.
Salt Repellent – must remove 99.5% of all salt crystals from turbine inlet air.
Wet Burst Pressure – greater than 7500 Pa (30” wc).
Initial Pressure Drop – 180 Pa @ 2500 m3/h (.72” wc @ 1472 cfm).
Temperature Range -    -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F).
Humidity Range – 0 to 100% relative humidity.
Flame Retardance –  E d 2 according to EN 13501.
fit  air inlet systems without modification.

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Product advantages
High resistance to variable operating pressures and flow rates contribute to one of the highest dirt-holding capacities and filtration efficiencies on the market
Filters contain more pleats and surface area than many competitors
Consistent filter efficiency, even at high differential pressure
Exceptional value and price-performance ration
Improved system reliability
Decreased number of maintenance operations
Lower maintenance costs
Extended filter element life
Customized solutions for specific filtration challenges
 Product application
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