Instead Sofima TE150MCV1

Item No.: TE150MCV1
Brand: HL
• model: sofima oil filter TE150MCV1  • structure type: folding filter core
• filter material: glass fiber  • skeleton material: stainless steel
• properties: high temperature resistance
• usage: hydraulic oil filter element  • applicable ob
Description Review
Products Introduction:
When the pressure difference between inlet and outlet is further increased to 0.4mpa, the bypass valve will start to work automatically, thus protecting the normal operation of the filter core and system. Single user should replace the filter core as soon as possible.
As the design adopts direct return filter oil, it becomes very convenient to replace the filter core or refuel the oil tank by simply turning off the filter cover to replace the filter core or refuel the oil tank. Each filter head is provided with 2 M18x15 oil ports, and the transmitter can be installed in any place.

structure: a folding filter
 filter material: glass fiber
skeleton material: stainless steel
features: high temperature resistant
application: applies hydraulic oil filter:
hydraulic oil filter precision: 1-300
 in and out of the diameter: standard mm filter area:
standard raw water pressure: standard kg/cm2
 size: standard packing: mm carton
origin: American brand: Mr Schroder coordination &liaision instead: three days logistics: electricity


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