Replacement Sofima OiL Cartrige Filter TE115MCV1

Item No.: TE115MCV1
Export Port : Tianjin
Filter core model: TE115MCV1
Description Review
Export Port : Tianjin
Filter core model: TE115MCV1
Structure type: folding filter material: glass fiber
Material: stainless steel
Features: high temperature resistance application: hydraulic oil filter
Applicable objects: oil working temperature: 100
Maximum pressure difference at work: 32MPa
Filtering accuracy: 15
Inlet and outlet diameter: 45mm
Filter area: 3.2
Raw water pressure is 320kg/cm2
Specification: 45mm5a: 6b
Installation locations in hydraulic systems are usually as follows:
(1) to be installed at the oil suction port of the pump:
In general, the oil suction road of the pump is equipped with surface filter to filter: large impurity particles to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition, the filter capacity of the filter should be more than twice the pump flow, the pressure loss is less than 0.02MPa.
(2) installed on the outlet oil road of the pump:
The purpose of installing an oil filter here is to remove contaminants that may invade components such as valves.Its filtration accuracy should be 10 ~ 15 meters, and it can withstand the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil road. The pressure drop should be less than 0.35MPa.Simultaneous installation
The safety valve prevents blockage of the filter.              
(3) installation on the system's oil return circuit: this installation plays an indirect filtering role.A back pressure valve is usually installed with the filter. When the filter is blocked up to a certain pressure value, the back pressure valve opens.
(4) it is installed on the branch oil circuit of the system.

400LDN0100-H6XLB00-V5  10TDN0250-1X/H10XLA00-P2
400LD0130-H6XLB00-V5     10TDN0400-1X/H10XLA00-P2
400LD0150-H6XLB00-V5     10TDN0630-1X/H10XLA00-P2
400LDN0160-H6XLB00-V5  10TDN1000-1X/H10XLA00-P2
400LDN0250H6XLB00-V5    10TD2000-1X/H10XLA00-P2
400LDN0400H6XLB00-V5    10TD2500-1X/H10XLA00-P
400LDN0040-H10XLB00-V5 10TDN0040-1X/H20XLA00-P2

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