Pi23004DNSMX10 Hydraulic Oil Filter PR4523Q

Item No.: Pi23004DNSMX10 PR4523Q
Condition:  New  Type:    Press Filter  Structure:  Cartridge 
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)  Model Number:  Pi23004DNSM-X10
Weight: OEM Stardard  Dimension(L*W*H):  Stardard
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Quick Details
Condition:  New   Type:    Press Filter   Structure:  Cartridge 
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)  Model Number:  Pi23004DNSM-X10
Weight: OEM Stardard   Dimension(L*W*H):  Stardard
Warranty:  1years   Item:   Pi23004DNSM-X10   Descriptions:   Hydraulic Oil Filter
Absolute Micron Rating:   12   Length:   3.9  Collapse Rating (psid):  450
O-Ring:  Buna  Replace:  PR4523Q
SupplyAbility:   100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details   Neutral packing,coralfly package or according to customers' requirements
Port   Tianjin/Beijing
Lead Time : 7-20 days after received the prepay
ISO9001:2008 OEM ODM Pi23004DNSM-X10 Pi23004DNSMX10 PR4523Q
Filter Media
The media that we offer in the PR4523Q is today's most efficient way to care for and maintain your equipment. With a 99.9% removal efficiency and a beta ratio of 1000, Microglass media with help prevent unscheduled downtime and equipment failure. When you install a filter element that utilizes Microglass media, you are making a very good decision for your business.

Filter Seal
Have you ever had to cold-start your equipment? If yes, then a Buna O-ring is an excellent choice for your hydraulic filter. Buna O-rings provide superior resistance to tear and abrasion during those cold-flow applications and they are the perfect ring when you decide to marry that cold-flow with petroleum products.

Buna O-rings are recommended for:
General purpose sealing
Petroleum oils and fluids
Cold Water
Silicone greases and oils
Di-ester base lubricants (MIL-L-7808)
Ethylene glycol base fluids (Hydrolubes)
Operating temperature -45°f to 225°f

A Word on Quality
We insist on providing our customers with the highest quality of filtration products. As a result, all of our replacement elements are manufactured right here in China under the most rigorous quality standards. Additionally, all of our filter elements carry six ISO Standards and we fully guarantee all of our products.

Details of ISO9001:2008 OEM ODM Hydraulic Oil Filter Pi23004DNSM-X10 Pi23004DNSMX10 

Description ISO9001:2008 OEM ODM Hydraulic Oil Filter Pi23004DNSM-X10 Pi23004DNSMX10 
Outer Diameter N/A
Inner Diameter N/A
Length 3.9
Efficiency Beta 1000 N/A
Replace PR4523Q
service OEM/ODM
Absolute Micron Rating 12
Filter Media Microglass
O-Ring Buna
Collapse Rating 450
Certification System ISO/TS 16949:2009
 852 126 Mic 10  PR4381Q  Pi21004DNSM-X3  PR4522Q  Pi23004DNSM-X10  PR4523Q
 852 127 Sm vst 3  937104Q  Pi21006DNSM-X3  PR4526Q  Pi23006DNSM-X10  PR4527Q
 852 127 SMX 10  937100Q  Pi21010DNSM-X3  PR4530Q  Pi23010DNSM-X10  PR4531Q
 852 127 SMX 25  937101Q  Pi21016DNSM-X3  PR4534Q  Pi23010RNSM-X10  PR4500Q
 852 127 SMX 3  937102Q  Pi21025DNSM-X3  PR4538Q  Pi23016DNSM-X10  PR4535Q
 852 127 SMX VST 10  937103Q  Pi21040DNSM-X3  PR4542Q  Pi23016RNSM-X10  PR4503Q
 852 127 SMX VST 3  937099Q  Pi21040RNSM-X03  PR4508Q  Pi23025DNSM-X10  PR4539Q
 852 435 SM 10  PR4375Q  Pi2105 SMX 3  PR2830Q  Pi23025RNSM-X10  PR4506Q
 852 435 SM 25  PR4374Q  Pi21063RNSM-X03  PR4512Q  Pi23040DNSM-X10  PR4543Q
 852 436 SM 10  PR4377Q  Pi2108SMX3  PR2838Q  Pi23040RNSM-X10  PR4510Q
 852 436 SM 25  PR4376Q  Pi21100RNSM-X03  PR4516Q  Pi23063RNSM-X10  PR4514Q
 852 439 Sm 10  937105Q  Pi2111SMX3  PR2846Q  Pi23100RNSM-X10  PR4518Q
 852 519 Mic 10  937106Q  Pi2115SMX3  PR2854Q  Pi25010RNSM-X25  PR4501Q
 852 519 Sm L  937107Q  Pi2130SMX3  PR2862Q  Pi25016RNSM-X25  PR4504Q
 852 690 Sm 10  937108Q  Pi2145SMX3  PR2870Q  Pi25025RNSM-X25  PR4507Q
 852 760 Sm 10  937109Q  Pi22010RNSM-X06  PR4499Q  Pi25040RNSM-X25  PR4511Q
 852 760 Sm 25  937110Q  Pi22016RNSM-X06  PR4502Q  Pi25063RNSM-X25  PR4515Q
 852 761 Mic 10  PR4378Q  Pi22025RNSM-X06  PR4505Q  Pi25100RNSM-X25  PR4519Q
 852 761 SM 10  PR4380Q  Pi22040RNSM-X06  PR4509Q  Pi3105 SMX 10  PR2831Q
 852 761 SM 25  PR4379Q  Pi2205SMXVST3  PR2833Q  Pi1108Mic10  PR2836Q
 Pi1005Mic25  PR2829Q  Pi22063RNSM-X06  PR4513Q  Pi1111Mic10  PR2844Q
 Pi1008Mic25  PR2837Q  Pi2208SMXVST3  PR2841Q  Pi1115Mic10  PR2852Q
 Pi1011Mic25  PR2845Q  Pi22100RNSM-X06  PR4517Q  Pi1130Mic10  PR2860Q
 Pi1015Mic25  PR2853Q  Pi2211SMXVST3  PR2849Q  Pi1145Mic10  PR2868Q
 PI1030MIC25  PR2861Q  Pi2215SMXVST3  PR2857Q  Pi2245SMXVST3  PR2873Q
 Pi1045Mic25  PR2869Q  Pi2230SMXVST3  PR2865Q  Pi1105Mic10  PR2828Q

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