air filters manufacturers filters p191280 for truck donalson on sale

Item No.: p191280
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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
standard size
cars auto trucks parts air filters
air filters manufacturers filters p191280 for truck donalson on sale
replaced for:
Truck Engine/Auto Engine/Industrial machine/air filter
filter types:
Air Filter/Trucks Air Filter/Buses Air filter/excavator air filter
fine performance ISO9001
iron,poly urethane,air filter paper,etc
as custom instruction
avaliable of stock
after-sales service:
accept return order for product question
Air Filter
Car Make:
for japanese famous car Mazda Mitsubishi Hyundai isuzu
Model Number:
filters p191280

Product Description
    air filters manufacturers filters p191280 for truck donalson on sale
1.High efficiency and long working life
2.Good temperature resistance 
3.Good anti-humidity performance 
4.Environmental Friendly
5.Durable and reliable 

air filter details information
Type: Air Filter/Trucks Air Filter/Auto Air Filter ( auto car air filter )
Color:  White or other custom instruction
Replaces OEM Number:         cartridge air filter  6i2509 AF25034M RS3514  AF25137M for Caterpillars Equipment 
Guarantee: 10000kms
Application:  Truck Engine/Auto Engine/Industrial Machinery
Descriptions: 1.For removal dust and other particles
2.Adopt high performance 100% wood pulp filter paper3.100% soft thick liquid
 paper and 100% non-woven.
4.Filtration efficiency over 99.2%
5.High standards from first grade materials specific to its application for American,
 European, Australia, Southeast Asia,India, Mid-East and African market.
Packaging Details: standard packing / genuine packing / as per customer's packing instruction
the function of the filter
For a sound operation of the engine, there must be a lot of pure air is inhaled. If harmful substances (dust, 
colloid, alumina, acidification iron, etc) in the air are inhaled into the engine, cylinder and piston assembly will
 increase the burden, making cylinder and piston components abnormal wear that would mixed with engine oil, 
and more substantial wear is possible, which may result in the deterioration of the engine performance, 
shorten the engine life, and prevent engine wear. At the same time, Air filter obtains silencer function.
why chose us?
 Competitive price can be offered 
 Optimum paper folding 
 Large dust holding capacity
 Good temperature resistance 
 Good anti-humidity performance 
 No distortion of pleats
 Environmental Friendly 
 OEM & ODM Customized is accepted
 On-time delivery 
 Durable and reliable 
 Economical,practical,and easy to install
High qualit auto car air filter
 air filter knowledge
 For a sound operation of the engine, there must be a lot of pure air is inhaled. If harmful substances(dust,
colloid, alumina, acidification iron, etc) in the air are inhaled into the engine, cylinder and piston assembly
will increase the burden, making cylinder and piston components abnormal wear that would mixed with 
engine oil, and more substantial wear is possible, which may result in the deterioration of the engine 
performance, shorten the engine liger, and prevent engine wear. At the sane time, air filter obtains silencer 

Industrial filtration hydraulic filter for hydraulic system
1.Product description
Hydraulic filters are mainly installed on the suction oilway, oil pressure pipeline , return oilway, and bypass system.effectively used for removing particles and rubber impurities from the hydraulic system, providing a raised cleanness in hydraulic systems to ensure accurate operation of the systems and prolonged service life of the accessories, and to reduce hydraulic system’s downtime and hence improve the performance of the system , also helps in reducing component repair cost of the system. It plays important role in protecting a hydraulic system. Hydraulic filters are made by single layer or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material, layer number and wire mesh are different according to conditions of use and purpose.
2.Product Features
(1) By use: for high pressure used, for medium pressure used, for oil return used and for oil suction used.
(2) Precision grade:
     High precision: 2—5um
     Medium precision:10—15um
     Low precision: 15—25um
(3) For compressing the external dimension of filter finished products, increasing filter area and enlarge filtration capacity, the filter layer is generally folded into corrugated, pleating height of hydraulic filter is below 20mm.
  • high quality glass fiber,stainless steel
  • high filtration precision
  • pollutant carrying capacity large
  • fast filtration speed 
  • good structure stability
  • Long Service Life
  • multi-layered filtration
  • stainless steel end cover with screw thread
(5) Scope of application
working pressure 0.35-42mpa
filtration area 0.01-0.20m2
filter rating 2-200 μm
Temperature 20-135℃
flow rate 80-200 L/min
filter media glass fiber,wood pulp filterpaper, stainless steel sintered fiber mesh and stainless steel woven wire mesh.
Widely used in engineering machinery(generators, trucks, excavators), mechanical equipment ,Petrochemical, metallurgy, Textile , environmental protection, nuclear industry etc.
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