• China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter

China factory for Industrial P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter

No.P175120 HF35252
Quick Details Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Z&l Warranty: 1 Years
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
  • China factory for Industrial  P175120 HF35252 Oil Filter
Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
8000 Miles, 3 month
Car Model:
Car Make:
Hydraulic Filter
P175120 HF35252
STAL packing or Neutral or as per requirement
Sample time:
About 3 days
Supply Ability:
50000 Piece/Pieces per Month Hydraulic filter
Type: Hydraulic Oil Filter/Truck Hydraulic Filter/Excavator Hydraulic Filter,etc.
  Application: Machinery > General Industrial Equipment > Industrial Filtration Equipment > Machine Oil Filter
  Fits For: ATLAS COPCO  8231101804
  REF.No.: P175120 HF35252
  Materials: Synthetic fibre
  Size: Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Length
118mm 60mm 164mm
  Exported to: Russia, USA, England, Turkey, Italy, Columbia,etc.
  Country of Origin HEBEI, China
  Guarantee: 8000miles
  Feature: 1). Original design, quality and performance.
2). 99.8% percent single-pass filtering efficiency with optimum protection for the engine.
3). Filter elements consist of superior pleated filter media for high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop.
4). STAL filter is strictly in accordance with international quality management system ISO9001:2008 and TS / 2008:2009 to ensure products with excellent quality.

5). Thermosetting adhesive seals hold filtering media in place for consistent, dependable filtration.
  Packaging: 1). STAL filter will be packed STAL brand box or neutral one, 12pcs/ 20pcs/24pcs/ 50pcs /carton with standard export carton
2). Customized packing is available.
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0075D010BN4HC 0160D010ON 0330D010ON 0660R010ON 0005L010P
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0080MA010BN 0160DN010ON 0330R010ON 0850R010ON 0007L010P
0090MA010BN 0160MA010BN 0400DN010BN4HC 0850R010ON/-KB 0850R010BN4HC/-KB
Packaging & Shipping
Most reasonable and competitive price
Courier service UPS , DHL ,TNT and EMS for light weight items
Delivery Time Stocked items, within 5 days
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case
 Detailed Image for Product:

z&L  Filter Alternative Wholesale Hydraulic Oil Filters Advantages:
1. Large flow capacity, low pressure loss
2. Large dust capacity, high precision filtration , long replacement period
3. Good temperature and corrosion resistance
4. Pleated material increase filtration area, and can be welded
5. High strength, even if strong vibration, the fiber does not fall off
Other hydraulic oil tank filter element P/N for reference
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Our Service:
Service Provide: 
OEM ODM & OBM service, printing or logo information is acceptable.
Quality Guarantee:
All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. If any problems caused by the product itself,
we will supply you the new replaced ones ASAP.

After-sales Service:
Any problems caused by using our products:
1) Keep the problem products and timely contact with us for better feedbacks.
2) Please do not damage problem products, if necessary, Send the 
    products and the attached oil and the coolant sample together to us for better analyzing
3) Attached with repair document, parts list, labor costs and any other materials which 
    can support a claim for compensation. 
Our company also produces such foreign brands alternative filters:

Z&L Filter supply other replacement hydraulic return oil filter element part numbers:
0240R series
0240R003BN/HC 0240R005BN/HC 0240R010BN/HC 0240R020BN/HC
0240R003BN3HC 0240R005BN3HC 0240R010BN3HC 0240R020BN3HC
0240R003BN4HC 0240R005BN4HC 0240R010BN4HC 0240R020BN4HC
0240R003BN/HC 0240R005BN/HC 0240R010BN/HC 0240R020BN/HC
0240R020P 0240R020W
0330R filter series 
0330R003BN/HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R010BN/HC 0330R020BN/HC
0330R003BN3HC 0330R005BN3HC 0330R010BN3HC 0330R020BN3HC
0330R003BN4HC 0330R005BN4HC 0330R010BN4HC 0330R020BN4HC
0330R003BN/HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R010BN/HC 0330R020BN/HC
0330R020P 0330R020W
0660R filter series 
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0660R003BN3HC 0660R005BN3HC 0660R010BN3HC 0660R020BN3HC
0660R003BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC 0660R010BN4HC 0660R020BN4HC
0660R003BN/HC 0660R005BN/HC 0660R010BN/HC 0660R020BN/HC
0660R020P 0660R020W
0850R filter series 
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0850R003BN3HC 0850R005BN3HC 0850R010BN3HC 0850R020BN3HC
0850R003BN4HC 0850R005BN4HC 0850R010BN4HC 0850R020BN4HC
0850R003BN/HC 0850R005BN/HC 0850R010BN/HC 0850R020BN/HC
0850R020P 0850R020W
0950R filter series 
0950R003BN/HC 0950R005BN/HC 0950R010BN/HC 0950R020BN/HC
0950R003BN3HC 0950R005BN3HC 0950R010BN3HC 0950R020BN3HC
0950R003BN4HC 0950R005BN4HC 0950R010BN4HC 0950R020BN4HC
0950R003BN/HC 0950R005BN/HC 0950R010BN/HC 0950R020BN/HC
0950R020P 0950R020W
1300R filter series 
1300R003BN/HC 1300R005BN/HC 1300R010BN/HC 1300R020BN/HC
0990D003BN3HC 1300R005BN3HC 1300R010BN3HC 1300R020BN3HC
0990D003BN4HC 1300R005BN4HC 1300R010BN4HC 1300R020BN4HC
1300R003BN/HC 1300R005BN/HC 1300R010BN/HC 1300R020BN/HC
1300R020P 1300R020W
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2600R003BN/HC2600R005BN/HC2600R010BN/HC2600R020BN/HC 2600R020P

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