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Quick Details
Apply for: Tractor ,loader ,truck hydraulic oil filter
Place of Origin:Hebei , China
Brand Name:Z&l Filter
Outter diameter :5.5 inch
Inner diamater : 3.5inch  
height : 9 inch
Efficiency:10  micron
Business Type: Manufacture
Model Number: p165239
Type: hydraulic oil filter
Eiiciency : 97 %
Structure : hydraulic oil filter P165239
Filter efficiency: 10 micron
Product parameters
Produce Name Tractor ,loader ,truck hydraulic oil filter P165239
certification ISO9001
Filter material Galvanized caps and bottoms .ss meshi support.rubber , viton .paper
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. P165239
Brand name z&l filter
Fits tractor ,agriculture truck .loader ,equipment
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese paper
dimensions Outter diameter :5.5 inch
Inner diamater : 3.5inch  
height : 9 inch
Efficiency:10  micr
Operating Efficiency OE HD Air 97% Initial Eff. on 10  micron
Cross type number list
AF1604 AF1833 FF183 HF30199
4T3132 AF1876 FF234 HF30262
91597 AF25111M HF29073 HF35004
30096383 AF25125M HF29078 AF25129M
4T3132 HF28938 AF25126M AF25130M
2246005 HF28993 HF29087 AF25131M
HF165239 HF29073 HF29125 LF3328
HF28900 FF5317 3838228S FF5317
FF5789 FF5810NN AF25137M AF25138M
WF2056 FF5814 WF2056 AF25288M
WF2073 AF25263 WF2073 AF25289M
FF5815 FF5817 AF26492 AF27686
AF27700 HF35355 AF27916 FS19754
AF336M FS20007 HF35452 AF335M
AF338 AF340 AF343 AF344M
AF437K AF4512 AF4513 AF4514
AF55789 AF55751 AF55730 AF4836
AF55792 AF55794 AF55796 AF55798
HF35501 HF35502 HF35514 HF35515
AF56007 AF857 AF873M HF35528
HF35545 HF40007 AF879M AF879NF
AF899NF HF6097 AF959 HF6097
AS2512 HF6201 HF6202 HF6339
HF6365 HF6376 HF6550 HF6551
HF6587 HF6588 HF6684 HF6710
LF3472 LF3973 LF691 SP72185
LF3566 LF519 HF35101 FF5624
FF5057 LF667 HF29123 FF5324
HF35010 FF5319 FS19591 MK12449
FF5132 AF25132M LF691 HF6342
FF5245 FF5527 LF667 LF691A
FF5264 HF35101 AF25135M HF6098
LF3610 FF5320 HF35101 AF25136M
WF2053 LF9667 AF25262 AF25263
AF25338 AF25437 AF25523 LF9691
AF25339 AF25468 AF25555 AF25627
LF9691A FF5819 FS19555 FS19591
HF35451 FF63051NN HF35101 HF35381
FS19934 FS1205 FS19858 HF35386
AF345 AF4180 FS20051 FS20130
HF35453 AF4515 AF4516 AF4606M
AF4694 AF4692 AF4639 HF35457
AF55799 HF35480 HF35480 HF35492
HF35523 AF55801 AF55802 AF55806
HF35536 AF874 HF35539 AF875M
HF6083 HF6097 AF880 AF883M
HF6098 SP72205 AH19001 AH19057
HF6204 HF6339A HF6341 HF6342
HF6552 HF6553 HF6555 HF6566
HF6777 P165239 HF6342 HF6098
SP1442 WF2051 AF335M AF876
SP1452 WF2055 FS20162 AF899M
SP1455 AF25680 AF4605M AH19228
SP1510 AF26207 AF4606M HF6344
SP1518 AF26208 HF35494 HF6586
SP72188 FS19776 AF55893 P165239
PF492 ML224 P4J6064 SRPCAT40H
MD025 114Y AZH004 OP270
CO1709 FF1121 492 TE855
666421 9576P556064 PM4J6064 5185
CO1709 LH1444 261 103837
700 P4J6064 DH230 1U2094
AS171 639P DX205 101617
KO1503 G051197 Y1010 2246007
AS171 G695 4915778 2546300
700 GE1656 2080764 688956
L52764 P164 69016584 HF556064
1R0720 4J6064 FA205H 3130945
P560 70664000 FA4616 VL4530
7255606400 75658 1930836 811445
ML413 4J6064 70666421 S214CP
AF56 PL50935 182781M91 8120731791
1306018790 HD64 D162 PL261
L807A 920178 L52764 YF1114
TS2135 DH393 12546300 6673146
AP460 AC3006 79092882 103837
25014 CO1709 639P HD64
L52764 16624214 4J6064 103837
75658 AS171 HX79 1U2094
103837 L52764 TS2135 688956
8120731791 1R0720 25014 3130945
PL50935 7255606400 D162 810967
1930836 P4J6064 FA205H S214CP
9576P164205 350008 P556064 P164205

Package and transportation

Most reasonable and competitive price
Courier service UPS , DHL ,TNT and EMS for light weight items
Delivery Time Stocked items, within 5 days
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case

Detailed Filter Image:

0030D003BH3HC 0240D003BH 0110D005BN3HC 0330R005BN
0030D003BN3HC 0240D003BH3HC 0110D010BH 0330R005BN3HC
0030D005BH3HC 0240D003BN 0110D010BH3HC 0330R010BN
0030D005BN3HC 0240D003BN3HC 0110D010BN 0330R010BN3HC
0030D010BH3HC 0240D005BH 0110D010BN3HC 0330R020BN
0030D010BN3HC 0240D005BH3HC 0110D020BH 0330R020BN3HC
0030D020BH3HC 0240D005BN 0110D020BH3HC 0660D003BH
0030D020BN3HC 0240D005BN3HC 0110D020BN 0660D003BH3HC
0030R003BN3HC 0240D010BH 0110D020BN3HC 0660D003BN
0030R005BN3HC 0240D010BH3HC 0110R003BN 0660D003BN3HC
0030R010BN3HC 0240D010BN 0110R003BH3NC 0660D005BH
0030R020BN3HC 0240D010BN3HC 0110R005BN 0660D005BH3HC
0060D003BH 0240D020BH 0110R005BN3HC 0660D005BN
0060D003BH3HC 0240D020BH3HC 0110R010BN 0660D005BN3HC
0060D003BN 0240D020BN 0110R010BN3HC 0660D010BH
0060D003BN3HC 0240D020BN3HC 0110R020BN 0660D010BH3HC
0060D005BH 0240R003BN 0110R020BN3HC 0660D010BN
0060D005BH3HC 0240R003BH3NC 0160D003BH 0660D010BN3HC
0060D005BN 0240R005BN 0160D003BH3HC 0660D020BH
0060D005BN3HC 0240R005BN3HC 0160D003BN 0660D020BH3HC
0060D010BH 0240R010BN 0160D003BN3HC 0660D020BN
0060D010BH3HC 0240R010BN3-HCVS0107 0160D005BH 0660D020BN3HC
0060D010BN 0240R010BN3HC 0160D005BH3HC 0660R003BN
0060D010BN3HC 0240R020BN 0160D005BN 0660R003BH3NC
0060D020BH 0240R020BN3HC 0160D005BN3HC 0660R005BN
0060D020BH3HC 0330D003BH 0160D010BH 0660R005BN3HC
0060D020BN 0330D003BH3HC 0160D010BH3HC 0660R010BN
0060D020BN3HC 0330D003BN 0160D010BN 0660R010BN3HC
0060R003BN 0330D003BN3HC 0160D010BN3HC 0660R020BN
0060R003BH3NC 0330D005BH 0160D020BH 0660R020BN3HC
0060R005BN 0330D005BH3HC 0160D020BH3HC 0500R003BH3NC
0060R005BN3HC 0330D005BN 0160D020BN 0500R005BN3HC
0060R010BN 0330D005BN3HC 0160D020BN3HC 0500R010BN3HC
  0330D010BH 0160R003BN 0500R020BN3HC
0060R010BN3HC 0330D010BH3HC 0160R003BH3NC 0950R010BN3HC
0060R020BN 0330D010BN 0160R005BN 1300R003BH3NC
0060R020BN3HC 0330D010BN3HC 0160R005BN3HC 1300R005BN3HC
0110D003BH 0330D020BH 0160R010BN 1300R010BN3HC
0110D003BH3HC   0160R010BN3HC 1300R010BNHCS0105
0110D003BN 0330D020BH3HC 0160R020BN 1300R020BN3HC
0110D003BN3HC 0330D020BN 0160R020BN3HC 2600R003BH3NC
0110D005BH 0330D020BN3HC 0160MA003BN 2600R005BN3HC
0110D005BH3HC 0330R003BN 0160MA010BN 2600R010BN3HC
0110D005BN 0330R003BH3NC 0160MA020BN 2600R020BN3HC

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Our advantage 1. We are manufacture with many years of export experience, good quality and low price.
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OEM  ODM: We can make filters according to your requirements. Please tell me the photo and size. OEM and ODM are welcome!
Please let us know the following information:
2.ID, OD, height.
3. Filter material accuracy, filter media.
4. The form of the end cap.
QA: 1. High quality raw materials and advanced technology.
2. Our products are produced in strict accordance with the requirements.
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