• Instead Taisei Kogyo Hydraulic Oil Filter P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W
  • Instead Taisei Kogyo Hydraulic Oil Filter P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W

Instead Taisei Kogyo Hydraulic Oil Filter P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W

Quick Details Condition: New Type: Suction Filter Structure: Cartridge Place of Origin: HEBEI, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HL Model Number: P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W Power(W): 50-210 Kw Weight: 1~10 KG Dimension(L*W*H): Standard Certification:
  • Instead Taisei Kogyo Hydraulic Oil Filter P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W
Product Description
 Model Number P-Y-COS-H-10-A-100W
 Type  Hydraulic oil filter element
 Dimension  Standard
 Working temperature  -10 ~ +100
 Work pressure different  21bar ~ 210bar
 Material  Glass fiber
 Filter precision  1-100μm
 Life span  2000- 4000h
 MOQ  10 pieces
 Lead Time  Around 7 days after receiving payment
 Shipment    By sea to your nearest port
 By air to your nearest airport
 By express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS) to your door
 Package  PP bag inside, Inner carton, Export carton outside, or Wooden box as your requirement 

Taisei kogyo hydraulic oil filter
F-351-A06-150K F-351-A08-50UW F-352-08-150K F-352-A06-50UW
F-351-A06-150W F-351-A08-5UK F-352-08-150W F-352-A06-5UK
F-351-A06-200K F-351-A08-5UW F-352-08-200K F-352-A06-5UW
F-351-A06-200W F-351-A08-60UK F-352-08-200W F-352-A06-60UK
F-351-A06-20U F-351-A08-60UW F-352-08-20U F-352-A06-60UW
F-351-A06-20UK F-351-A08-6M F-352-08-20UK F-352-A06-6M
F-351-A06-20UW F-352-06-100K F-352-08-20UW F-352-A08-100K
F-351-A06-3M F-352-06-100W F-352-08-3M F-352-A08-100W
F-351-A06-40U F-352-06-10M F-352-08-40U F-352-A08-10M
F-351-A06-40UK F-352-06-10U F-352-08-40UK F-352-A08-10U
F-351-A06-40UW F-352-06-10UK F-352-08-40UW F-352-A08-10UK
F-351-A06-50UK F-352-06-10UW F-352-08-50UK F-352-A08-10UW
F-351-A06-50UW F-352-06-150K F-352-08-50UW F-352-A08-150K
F-351-A06-5UK F-352-06-150W F-352-08-5UK F-352-A08-150W
F-351-A06-5UW F-352-06-200K F-352-08-5UW F-352-A08-200K
F-351-A06-60UK F-352-06-200W F-352-08-60UK F-352-A08-200W
F-351-A06-60UW F-352-06-20U F-352-08-60UW F-352-A08-20U
F-351-A06-6M F-352-06-20UK F-352-08-6M F-352-A08-20UK
F-351-A08-100K F-352-06-20UW F-352-A06-100K F-352-A08-20UW
F-351-A08-100W F-352-06-3M F-352-A06-100W F-352-A08-3M
F-351-A08-10M F-352-06-40U F-352-A06-10M F-352-A08-40U
F-351-A08-10U F-352-06-40UK F-352-A06-10U F-352-A08-40UK
F-351-A08-10UK F-352-06-40UW F-352-A06-10UK F-352-A08-40UW
F-351-A08-10UW F-352-06-50UK F-352-A06-10UW F-352-A08-50UK

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