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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:Z&L FILTER
Application : truck,bus, tractor, sprayer
Product Name:  lube filter lf670
Height:10.5 inch,
Largest O.D:4.8 inch
Largest I.D 3.9 inch
Thread size : 1 1/2-12un
Medium Material:Paper,rubber ,steel,plastic
Type: tractor ,excavator lube filter lf670
Model Number: LF670
 Product parameters
Produce Name Excavator lube filter
certification ISO9001
Filter material Paper ,polyester fiber ,rubber ,steel
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. Lf670
Brand name z&l filter
Fits :truck,bus, loader ,forklift ,tractor,excavator
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese paper
dimensions Height:10.5 inch,
Largest O.D:4.8 inch
Largest I.D 3.9 inch
Thread size : 1 1/2-12un
Operating Efficiency OE HD Air 97% Initial Eff. on 20 micron
Cross type number list
PF670 4085913 C3313279 S1350553
A1670 R37961D3 399 19500250
27695 YE3313279 988687 LS815
29461 KW670 23518531 4301181
4396645 25010495 531102 QS3375
25010971 203690 40050800092 3313279
KO1542 279260 1212622H1 5000808716
2005 11212622H1 69008934 RL670
SDF72 FB95 5602720 LUS101
SP479 KFP6370 135633 CU299670
2900535000 36010670 120002001 991213279
180943 36010670 KO1542 330560066
ABP3001573 2537 ML50300 3315279
53501139 BBU6687 4134896 1216400521
25010495 5602720 FT5098 12187
220918 E780113237 1831113 TAGPF911
135E19189 3A11009 ZP570 6505510502
E6717 AP3496 PL3333 4026976
92669 20186 3A11009 103849
120198 MDL076 Y02842403 HDO2
21701670 2191P551670 1582092 T47161
10701038 412194 1505518 773899
26 MPL5252 DNP551670 411273
12187 1055914M1 FO1314 12706490
773899 33100100 1212622H1 6954962
LFP670 29214175 GL911 7105050
24355 3142945 25010185 2340900
72550670 DONP550911 960S CU299670
VO1805 31133 9414100482 02FR00002A
1992248 57402133 2240133 688684
1992248 1220526 G051811 T081007
DO934 945197 Z208 27160001
24355 5HA827 HD0118 31133
42828003 1046Z315 700703331 LF551670
T081007 BC1137 1930741 12000200
8779663 P550911USEP551670 1212622H1 12000200
C160121044 FT050510 8611127 DE6356
AZL135 25010495 35330901 811328
2036 FH503V 04LF670 172010002
298670 GP53M IF4023 6954962
PM519 PB670 132402290 286592407L
65055105012B 00A12324089 86983463 2288131
HF7313 HF6451 FS19870 HF6085
HF7317 HF6457 FS1242 HF6089
HF6777 HF6421 FS1216 HF6081
HF6836 HF6314 FS1205 HF6082
HF6588 HF6325 FS1212 HF40038
HF6710 HF6343 FS1015B HF6005
HF6730 HF6358 FS1015 HF6059
LF3318 HF6272 FS1009 HF35279
HF6586 HF6312 FS1013 HF35553
HF6532 HF6313 FS1006 HF29100
HF6555 HF6200 FS1001 HF30700
HF6094 HF6270 FS1003 FS20007
HF6095 HF6171 FS1000 FS19596
HF6111 HF6187 AF4734 AF938
WF2054 LF680 AF4729 AF939
WF2051 LF699 AF472 AF929
LF9540 LF632B AF471 AF931M
LF9325 LF670 AF471M AF919
LF9009 LF610 AF465 AF920
LF777 LF613 AF4553M AF928M
LF750B LF509N AF4554M AF928NF
LF734 HF6899 AF427M AF929
LF750A HF7304 AF434KM AF899M
FF5334 FF5036 AF4586 AF899NF
FF5346 FF5037 LF3325 AF1604
FF194 FF5079 LF17502 AF1605M
FF202 FF5332 LF3000 AF1605NF
AF890 FF105C LF14000NN AF1658K
AF891M FF105D LF14009NN 164159SB
AF883M FF104 HF6168 173368S
AF880 FF105 HF6129 3917101S
AF881 CS41018 HF6151 LF516
AF872 CH44120 AF1753 LF500
AF872M CH44105 AF1813 LF3363
AF851M CH44115 AF1854 LF3654
AF821M AH1193 WF2154 AF418
AF820M AH19113 WF2074 AF408M
AF4899 AH1100 WF2072 AF409K
AF55014 AH1103 WF2073 AF362
AF55308 AF976 WF2071 AF4060
AF814 AF956M WF2053 AF354
AF4828 AF975M HF6165 AF354M
AF4857KM AF943 FF5693 AF265
AF472M AF955 FF63010 AF348
AF4730 AF937 FF108 AF251
AF1868 AF899M FF183 AF25257
AF1867 AF421M AF891NF AF1887M
AF1849M AF424 AF424M AF250
  Package and transportation
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Courier service UPS , DHL ,TNT and EMS for light weight items
Delivery Time Stocked items, within 5 days
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case

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3. Filter material accuracy, filter media.
4. The form of the end cap.
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