HF6553 P177047

Item No.: HF6553 P177047
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Quick Details
Applicable Industries:drilling equipment,truck ,loader,tractor,engine.crane,pump,motor.forklift.compressor.loader.bus.miscal equipment
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:Z&l filter
Dimension(L*W*H):Od : 3.9INCH  ID:2.5 INCH. HEIGHT:9.8 INCH
P/N: P177047. HF6553
Filter material: wire mesh, paper,steel
Filter rating:10-100 MICRON
Operating temperature:-40 to 100°C
Filter type :hydraulic oil  filter element
Application: engine fuel filter
Filtration efficiency:96% filtration area
Product parameters
Model Number P177047. HF6553
Description Hydraulic filter
Height 9.8 INCH
Outer Diameter 3.9INCH
inter diameter 2.5INCH
Efficiency 50% 10-100micron
Thread Size 1 3/8-12
Media Type Steel mesh,rubber ,steel
Filtration Efficiency >99.7%
Annual Productivity 20000000pcs per year
MOQ 50pcs
Collapse Burst 150 psi (10 bar)
Style Filter cartridge
APPLICATION Tractor ,truck,loader ,equipment ,engine
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Package and transportation
Most reasonable and competitive price
Courier service UPS , DHL ,TNT and EMS for light weight items
Delivery Time Stocked items, within 5 days
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case

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Please let us know the following information:
2.ID, OD, height.
3. Filter material accuracy, filter media.
4. The form of the end cap.
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