Replacement Element Pall Turbine Oil PurifierHC9901FKN13H

Item No.: HC9901FKN13H
Condition:  New  Flow:  50-300L/M  Working Pressure:  0.8MPa
Place of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)  Model Number:  Z1201652
Usage:  Transformer Oil  Voltage:  NO Needed)
Description Review
Quick Details
Condition:  New   Flow:   50-300L/M  Working Pressure:   0.8MPa
Place of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)   Model Number:  Z1201652
Usage:   Transformer Oil   Voltage:   NO Needed)
Power(W):  no need   Dimension(L*W*H):   standard size
Weight: 0-10kg   Name:  HC9901FKN13H   Function:   Filter Element Separator
Part number:  Z1201652   Material:  teflon, fiber glass
Application:  Replacement Element Pall Turbine Oil Purifier
Used in:   HCP50A   Replacement Pall Coalescer:   Z1202846
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
carton boxes
Port:Tianjin  Qingdao  ,shanghai
Lead Time :
3-5 working days
Packing & Delivery
Factory Production Element of Industrial Hydraulic Oil Filter HC9901FKN13H
Package: Carton box 
Delivery :by sea or by air or by courier
Replacement PALL PN
HC9400FDT39Z HC9401FKZ39Z HC9401FUN39Z HC9600FKT13H
HC9400FUP13H HC9401FKP39Z HC9401FUS39Z HC9600FKZ16H
HC9400FUN13H HC9401FKN39Z HC9401FUT39Z HC9600FKP16H
HC9400FUS13H HC9401FKS39Z HC9401FKZ13H HC9600FKN16H
HC9400FUT13H HC9401FKT39Z HC9404FKZ13H HC9600FKS16H
HC9400FUP26H HC9401FDP13H HC9404FKP13H HC9600FKT16H
HC9400FUN26H HC9401FDN13H HC9404FKN13H HC9600FKZ4Z
HC9400FUS26H HC9401FDS13H HC9404FKS13H HC9600FKP4Z
HC9400FUT26H HC9401FDT13H HC9404FKT13H HC9600FKN4Z
HC9400FUP39H HC9401FDP26H HC9404FKZ26H HC9600FKS4Z
HC9400FUN39H HC9401FDN26H HC9404FKP26H HC9600FKT4Z
HC9400FUS39H HC9401FDS26H HC9404FKN26H HC9600FKZ8Z
HC9400FUT39H HC9401FDT26H HC9404FKS26H HC9600FKP8Z
HC9400FUP13Z HC9401FDP39H HC9404FKT26H HC9600FKN8Z
HC9400FUN13Z HC9401FDN39H HC9404FKZ39H HC9600FKS8Z
HC9400FUS13Z HC9401FDS39H HC9404FKP39H HC9600FKT8Z
HC9400FUT13Z HC9401FDT39H HC9404FKN39H HC9600FKZ13Z
HC9400FUP26Z HC9401FDP13Z HC9404FKS39H HC9600FKP13Z
HC9400FUN26Z HC9401FDN13Z HC9404FKT39H HC9600FKN13Z
HC9400FUS26Z HC9401FDS13Z HC9404FKZ13Z HC9600FKS13Z
HC9400FUT26Z HC9401FDT13Z HC9404FKP13Z HC9600FKT13Z
HC9400FUP39Z HC9401FDP26Z HC9404FKN13Z HC9600FKZ16Z
HC9400FUN39Z HC9401FDN26Z HC9404FKS13Z HC9600FKP16Z
HC9400FUS39Z HC9401FDS26Z HC9404FKT13Z HC9600FKN16Z
HC9400FUT39Z HC9401FDT26Z HC9404FKZ26Z HC9600FKS16Z
HC9401FKZ13H HC9401FDP39Z HC9404FKP26Z HC9600FKT16Z
HC9401FKP13H HC9401FDN39Z HC9404FKN26Z HC9600FDP4H
HC9401FKN13H HC9401FDS39Z HC9404FKS26Z HC9600FDN4H
HC9401FKS13H HC9401FDT39Z HC9404FKT26Z HC9600FDS4H
HC9401FKT13H HC9401FUP13H HC9404FKZ39Z HC9600FDT4H
HC9401FKZ26H HC9401FUN13H HC9404FKP39Z HC9600FDP8H
HC9401FKP26H HC9401FUS13H HC9404FKN39Z HC9600FDN8H
HC9401FKN26H HC9401FUT13H HC9404FKS39Z HC9600FDS8H
HC9401FKS26H HC9401FUP26H HC9404FKT39Z HC9600FDT8H
HC9401FKT26H HC9401FUN26H HC9600EOJ8H HC9600FDP13H
HC9401FKZ39H HC9401FUS26H HC9600EOT4H HC9600FDN13H
HC9401FKP39H HC9401FUT26H HC9600FKZ4H HC9600FDS13H
HC9401FKN39H HC9401FUP39H HC9600FKP4H HC9600FDT13H
HC9401FKS39H HC9401FUN39H HC9600FKN4H HC9600FDP16H
HC9401FKT39H HC9401FUS39H HC9600FKS4H HC9600FDN16H
HC9401FKZ13Z HC9401FUT39H HC9600FKT4H HC9600FDS16H
HC9401FKP13Z HC9401FUP13Z HC9600FKZ8H HC9600FDT16H
HC9401FKN13Z HC9401FUN13Z HC9600FKP8H HC9600FDP4Z
HC9401FKS13Z HC9401FUS13Z HC9600FKN8H HC9600FDN4Z
HC9401FKT13Z HC9401FUT13Z HC9600FKS8H HC9600FDS4Z
HC9401FKZ26Z HC9401FUP26Z HC9600FKT8H HC9600FDT4Z
HC9401FKP26Z HC9401FUN26Z HC9600FKZ13H HC9600FDP8Z
HC9401FKN26Z HC9401FUS26Z HC9600FKP13H HC9600FDN8Z
HC9401FKS26Z HC9401FUT26Z HC9600FKN13H HC9600FDS8Z
HC9401FKT26Z HC9401FUP39Z HC9600FKS13H HC9600FDT8Z
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