• GW Vertical Inline Sewage Pump
  • GW Vertical Inline Sewage Pump

GW Vertical Inline Sewage Pump

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Model Number: GW inline Pump Theory: Centrifugal Pump Structure: Single-stage Pump Usage: Water
  • GW Vertical Inline Sewage Pump
roduct Description
GW Vertical Inline Pump
GW No-clogged sewage pump is a newly developed pump, based on the combination of the advanced technology from abroad and domestic features, which is good at energy-saving, anti-winding, no-clog, automatic installation and automatic control. This pump is excellent in transporting water with solid-particles and long fiber contained
This pump has introduced special impeller structure and neo mechanical seals, to make it more efficient in delivering solid particles and long fiber contained water. Compared with traditional impeller, the new impeller, with spiral-flow type or double-leaf type that has an excellent delivery capacity, together with suitable volute, can improve the performance of the pump, running smoothly without any vibration.
Living waste water discharging
Sewage system of municipal works
Sewage system in factory and mine corporation
Temporary floodwater discharging
Waste water discharging of public facility
Various water-discharging system
The impeller adopts particular large channel structure, so the drain capacity has been improved greatly. It can effectively pass the solid grain whose diameter is about 50% of the pump caliber
Mechanical seal adopts the latest material and is made with extra care, so its life is over 8000 hours
It can adopt double-way and automatic coupling installation device which makes the installation, maintenance of the unit convenient and quick
To realize automation management we will equip various forms sewage special control cabinet according to the customer’s requirements.
Supply Scope
Pump, packing and specification, pump automatic coupling installation device, soft pipe, automatic control device etc. can be provided as accessories (accessories shall be evaluated Separately.)
Note: Cases of special temperature, pressure, high erosion etc should be put forward in advance, so we can provide you more reliable products
Features of No-clogged sewage pump
1 With special spiral-flow type or double-leaf structure, the pump has a better capacity to deliver large particles waters, normally which can pass solid particles with diameter less than 50% that of the pump caliber, and fiber materials 5 times that of pump caliber.
2 With new style hard and anticorrosive Tungsten titanium-based in mechanical seal, the pump
can run safely with more than 8000 hours.
3 With compact conformation, smaller size, less noise, energy saving, easy to maintain and installation, it can start to work after submerge in water, which can cut great cost.
4 It can be modified to add precise anti-jamming leakage detection sensor in airproof grease chamber, and bury heat sensor in stator winding, to protect the pump motor automatically.
5 Depends on clients’ requirements, it can allocated with full-automatic control board, which can protect the pump automatically in case of leakage, creep age, overload or overheating, to
Let the pump more safe and reliable.
6 The float switch will control to start or stop the pump automatically, in accordance with user’s need, which is quite easy and no special person to check the pump.
7 With users’ need, WQ pump can be allocated with dual rail coupling installation system, which can bring great convenience for the installation, which can avoid people to enter the cesspool. 
8 The pump should be handled in the rated head, to avoid overloading.
9 There are two installation selections: stationary auto-coupling installation and movable free installation.    
1 Never pull the cable with force
2 Have the submersible electric pump submerged into water completely when it is at work and never let it out of water
3 Reliably ground the electric pump when it is at work and never let it any animals or persons close to the working water area or touch it.
4 Never let it workout of the set range of head so as to prevent it from overloaded running.
5 Use a properly thicker cable when the power is far away to avoid a lower voltage.
6 After the power is turned off, do not lift it up water until the motor of it gets cooled so as to avoid explosion or other accidents.