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  • AF25454.AF25468
  • AF25454.AF25468
  • AF25454.AF25468
  • AF25454.AF25468
  • AF25454.AF25468
Quick Details
Apply for: Sprayer,drilling equipment air filter cartridge
Place of Origin:Hebei , China
Brand Name:Z&l Filter
Outter diameter : 12.5 inch
Inner diamater : 7.5 inch  
height : 20.5 inch
Efficiency:10  micron
Business Type: Manufacture
Model Number: AF25454
Type: Sprayer,drilling equipment air filter cartridge
Eiiciency : 97 %
Structure : Sprayer,drilling equipment air filter cartridge
Filter efficiency: 10 micron
 Product parameters
Produce Name Sprayer,drilling equipment air filter cartridge
certification ISO9001
Filter material Galvanized caps and bottoms .ss meshi support.rubber , viton .paper
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. AF25454
Brand name z&l filter
Fits Sprayer,drilling equipment air filter cartridge
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese paper
dimensions Outter diameter : 12.5 inch
Inner diamater : 7.5 inch  
height : 20.5 inch
Efficiency:10  micron
Operating Efficiency OE HD Air 97% Initial Eff. on 10 micron
Cross type number list
AD27750 AF25468 FS1242 FS1083
AF1791 AG122230 FS1242B FS1091
AF1843 AE37040 FS1251 FS1093
AF25062 119925 FS1254 FS1206
AF25123 2914501000 FS1280 FS19870
AF25230 53506244 FS1293 FS19870
AF25374 220725 FS19532 FS19914
AF25454 94770 FS19591 FS19932
AF25468 30009150 FS19596 FS19934
AF25491 52RS018345 FS19599 FS19973
AF25492 381860A1 FS19615 FS19974
AF25523 1423140 FS19728 FS20007
AF25627 C6150593 FS19730 FS20110
AF25756 11033996 FS19732 FS36203
AF25953 5726803233 FS19736 FS36216
AF25954 MA1421 FS19753 FS36231
AF26147 982625144000 FS19763 HF28804
AF26384 102B0078 FS19769 HF28805
AF26455 RN240851 FS19816 HF28836
AF26660 47400038 HF30233 HF28910
AF26668 350063 HF30730 HF28913
AF26675 40040100094 HF35022 HF28926
AF27819 46483800 HF35076 HF28928
AF27917 4710069 HF35099 HF28943
AF27971 737095503 HF35109 HF28978
AF4060 11033996 HF35140 HF28979
AF4060 AE37040 HF35153 HF28989
AF4186 119925 HF35205 HF29111
AF4504M 8900119925 HF35220 HF29128
AF4523 7C469601AA HF35252 HF29132
AF4608 7C469601AA HF35255 HF30028
AF4713 1514054 HF35279 HF30114
AF4761M 95133 HF35315 HF30210
AF4895 38902111210 HF35320 HF30216
AF4895 FC843 HF35326 HF35320
AF4895 9304100213 HF35330 HF35326
AF4895 4466269 HF35109 HF35330
AF4895 M16447 HF35140 HF35357
AF4980KM 6276601 HF35153 HF35368
AF55727 1456799 HF35205 HF35369
AF55727 11Q820130 HF35220 HF35374
AF55734 57921934 HF35252 HF35498
AF55734 119925 HF35255 HF35499
AF55736 4466269 HF35279 HF35500
AF55736 61007208 HF35315 HF35504
AF55754 800041164 HF6162 HF35516
AF55754 LX2007 HF6177 HF35526
AF55788 LA1860 HF6190 HF35555
AF55788 9385890 HF6198 HF6721
AF55788 E3H0180 HF6205 HF6731
AF55788 7370955 HF6301 HF6834
AF55788 E3H0180 HF6319 HF6847
AF55788 40C0320 HF6451 HF6864
AF55788 20201 HF6520 HF6876
AF55819 56084040529 HF6529 HF7001
AF55819 83006356 HF6551 HF7041
AF55819 1904780 HF6553 HF7066
AF55819 23160016 HF6555 HF7520
AF55819 29320639 HF6586 HF7935
AF55819 451385 HF6588 HF7954
AF55819 72219815 HF7980 HF7955
AF55819 1171158 HF7999 HF7964
AF55819 800041164 LF14000NN LF3000
AF55845 998192 LF14001NN LF3320
AF55845 LL847466 LF14005NN LF3321
AF55845 C6150593 LF14009NN LF3328
AF55845 4710069 LF16043 LF3335
AF55846 B222100000641 LF16045 LF3349
AF55846 4110001764002 LF16106 LF3380
AF55846 330560564 LF16250 LF3413
AF56028 J24507A011000 LF16353 LF3453
AF56049 750201011104 LF17486 LF3501
AF56082 4710069 LF17502 LF3542
AF851 1471158 LF17503 LF3566
AF851M F434651 LF17505 LF3567
AF883M 178010850 LF3594 LF9008
AF934 920920110 LF3675 LF9009
AF935M 163622304 LF3687 LF9018
AH1107 AF777868 LF3715 LF9050
AS2442 11033996 LF3716 LF9325
AS2460 11033996 LF3744 LF9333
AS2474 11453900 LF3749 LF9667
FF105D 803172683 LF3806 LF9691A
FF202 FF+A1365584 LF3883 LF9747
FF202 FF5611 LF3914 MK11361
FF231 FF5624 LF3973 MK11424
FF232 FF5626 LF4054 MK11519
FF254 FF5644 LF667 MK11577
FF269 FF5688 LF670 MK11778
FF42000 FF5713 LF691A MK11779
FF5045 FF5714 LF747 MK11807
FF5054 FF5767 LF777 MK12001
FF5074 FF5770 MK12036 SP1609
FF5156 FF5782NN MK12060 SP1616
FF5259 FF5786 MK12150 ST1402
FF5269 FF5795 MK12260 ST1659
FF5272 FF5856 MK12320 ST2229
FF5284 FF5962 MK12331 WF2053
FF5319 FF63040NN MK12351 WF2070
FF5324 FF63051NN MK12353 WF2071
FF5346 FF63053NN MK12932 WF2072
FF5367 FK48001 MK13082 WF2073
FF5380 FK48008 MK13118 WF2074
FF5461 FS1000 MK13301 WF2075
FF5488 FS1003 MK13876 WF2076
FF5507 FS1006 MK14275 WF2091
FF5580 FS1015 SP1604 WF2096
FS1212 FS1015B WF2108 WF2106
FS1216 FS1081 WF2144 AF25468
 Package and transportation
Most reasonable and competitive price
Courier service UPS , DHL ,TNT and EMS for light weight items
Delivery Time Stocked items, within 5 days
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case

Detailed Filter Image:

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5.24 hour customer service online service.
OEM  ODM: We can make filters according to your requirements. Please tell me the photo and size. OEM and ODM are welcome!
Please let us know the following information:
2.ID, OD, height.
3. Filter material accuracy, filter media.
4. The form of the end cap.
QA: 1. High quality raw materials and advanced technology.
2. Our products are produced in strict accordance with the requirements.
3. High efficiency and high precision to ensure equipment safety.
4. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us feedback and we will promptly make corrections free of charge to ensure that the same problem will not occur again.
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