Instead Stuaff SP160E05B

Item No.: SP160E05B
Quick Details 
Place of Origin:  Hebei, China (Mainland)  Brand Name:  HL  Model Number:  AD030B40B
After-sales Service Provided:  No overseas service provided
Type:  Stauff replacement AD030B40B hydraulic filter element
Application:  Industrial Mach
Description Review
    SPECIFICATIONS FOR Stauff replacement AD030B40B hydraulic filter element
  Type   AD030B40B
Filtering accuracy μ 40
Size mm Standard
Main performance 
By Pass    NO
Collapse Psi  
Collapse Bar  
Temp Min C - 20
Temp Max C 100
Rate flow Kg/dm3 0.86

Reference Stuaff Part Number :
AD030B40B RE045A03B NR400B100B SE090B100B
AD033B40B RE070A03B NR630B100B SE125B100B
LS003A05B RE090A03B RUMG10B SE160B100B
LS005A05B RE130A03B RUM053G10B SL003B100B
LS008A05B RE160A03B RUM066G10B SL005B100B
LS014A05B RE200A03B RUM166G10B SL010B100B
LS020A05B RE600A03B RUM224G10B SL014B100B
LS035A05B RE008A03B NR100E10B SL020B100B
LL045B100B SP024E03B0BE SP024E03B0BE SL022B100B
LL050B10B SP030E03B0BE SP030E03B0BE SL030B100B
LL080B100B SP110E03B SP110E03B SL035B100B
LL080B10B SP130E03B0BE SP130E03B0BE SL045B100B
LL090L03B SP170E03B SP170E03B SL090B100B
LL100B100B SP250E03B SP250E03B SL125B100B
LL155B100B SP300E03B SP300E03B SM181G10B
LL160B25B ST5063K20B ST5063K20B SM182G10B
LL160E10B RL005B25B RL005B25B SM183G10B
RS003A05B RL010B25B RL010B25B SP010E03B
RS005A05B RL020B25B RL020B25B SP020E03B
RS008A05B RL035B25B RL035B25B SP024E03B
RS014A05B RL100B25B RL100B25B SP030E03B
RS024A05B RL130B25B RL130B25B SP035E03B
RS035A05B RL130E20B RL130E20B SP045E03B
RS060A05B RP010E03B RP010E03B SP070E03B
RS070A05B RP020E03B RP020E03B SP075E03B
RS090A05B RP024E03B RP024E03B SP085E03B
RS130A05B RP030E03B RP030E03B SP090E03B
RS150A05B RP050E03B RP050E03B SP095E03B
RS160A05B RP075E03B RP075E03B SP120E03B
RS200A05B RP085E03B RP085E03B SP130E03B
RS250A05B RP090E03B RP090E03B SP140E03B
RS370A05B RP095E03B RP095E03B SP160E03B
RS400A05B RP100E03B RP100E03B SP180E03B
ML070B100B RP115E03B RP115E03B SS002A05B
MD025B40B RP200E03B RP200E03B SS004A05B
NL040B100B RP240E03B RP240E03B SS008A05B
NL063B100B RP300E03B RP300E03B SS012B25B
NL100B100B RS003A05B RS003A05B SS014A05A
NL160B100B RS045A05B RS045A05B SS024K05B
NL250B100B RS150A05B RS150A05B SS035A05B
NL400B100B RS060A05B RS060A05B SS070A05B
SA020E10B RS070A05B RS070A05B SS085A05B
SD010E10B RS090A05B RS090A05B SS125A05B
SD015E10B RS130A05B RS130A05B SS160A05B
SE008B25B RTE048D03B RTE048D03B SS250A05B
SE014B25B RTE10D10B RTE10D10B NR040B100B
SE030B100B RD055K20B RD055K20B NR063B100B
SE035B100B RD070B40B RD070B40B NR100B100B
SE045B100B RE014B100B RE014B100B NR160B100B
SE070B100B RE030A03B RE030A03B NR250B100B


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