HYDRAULIC SPIN-ON Primary Application 930192Q

Item No.: 930197Q
Quick Details
Press Filter
Place of Origin:
HEBEI, China (Mainland)
Description Review
Quick Details
Type:Press Filter
Place of Origin:  HEBEI, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Z&L
Model Number:  930197Q
Weight:  0.59kg, 0.7kg
Dimension(L*W*H):  98*98*147
Certification:  ISO 
Warranty:  6 Months
Product name:  hydraulic filters 930197Q
Application:  Hydraulic Filter Element
Cross Reference:  P550268
Package size:  12*12*17
Materials:  Fiberglass
Working life: 8000hours
Efficiency Beta 2:  Micron 10
Efficiency Beta 20::  Micron 20
Efficiency Beta 75::  Micron 30
Supply  Ability
10000 Piece/Pieces per Year
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details  carton box
Port  Tianjin/Beijing
Lead Time :  5-7 working days
Product Description

hydraulic filters 930197Q

Primary Application 930192Q
Length: MM 147
Efficiency Beta 2: Micron 10
Efficiency Beta 20: Micron 20
Efficiency Beta 75: Micron 30
Weight: Kgs 0.48
Cube: Cubic Meters 0.01
OD: MM 98
PR4221 932568 PR3444 FC7007Q010BK
PR4222 932569 PR3445 FC7007Q020BK
PR4223 932570 PR3446 FC7008Q002BK
PR4224 932571 PR3447 FC7008Q005BK
PR4225 932572 PR3448 FC7008Q010BK
PR4348 932573 PR3449 FC7008Q020BK
PR4349 932574 PR3450 FC7101Q002BK
PR4350 932610Q PR3451 FC7101Q005BK
PR4351 932611Q PR3452 FC7101Q010BK
PR4352 932612Q PR3453 FC7101Q020BK
PR4353 932613Q PR3454 FC7102Q002BK
PR4354 932614Q PR3455 FC7102Q005BK
PR4355 932615Q PR3456 FC7102Q010BK
PR4356 932616Q PR3457 FC7102Q020BK
PR4357 932617Q PR3458 FC7103Q002BK
PR4358 932618Q PR3459 FC7103Q005BK
PR4359 932619Q PR3460 FC7103Q010BK
PR4360 932620Q PR3461 FC7103Q020BK
PR4361 932621Q PR3462 FC7121Q003BS
PR4362 932622Q PR3463 FC7121Q005BS
PR4363 932623Q PR3464 FC7121Q010BS
PR4364 932624Q PR3465 FC7121Q025BS
PR4365 932625Q PR3466 FC7122Q003BS
PR4366 932626Q PR3467 FC7122Q005BS
PR4367 932627Q PR3468 FC7122Q010BS
PR4368 932628Q PR3947 FC7122Q025BS
PR4369 932629Q PR3948 FC7201A003BS
PR4370 932630Q PR3949 FC7201A005BS
PR4371 932631Q PR3950 FC7201A010BS
PR4372 932632Q PR3951 FC7201A025BS
PR4373 932633Q PR3952 FC7202A003BS
PR4374 932634Q PR3953 FC7202A005BS
PR4375 932635Q PR3954 FC7202A010BS
PR4376 932636Q PR3955 FC7202A025BS
PR4377 932637Q PR3956 FC7203A003BS
PR4378 932638Q PR3957 FC7203A005BS
PR4379 932639Q PR3958 FC7203A010BS
PR4380 932640Q PR3959 FC7203A025BS
PR4381 932641Q PR3960 FC7252A003BS
PR4382 932642Q PR3961 FC7252A005BS
PR4383 932643Q PR3962 FC7252A010BS
PR4384 932644Q PR3963 FC7252A025BS
PR4385 932645Q PR3964 FC7252Q003BS
PR4386 932646Q PR3964 FC7252Q005BS
PR4387 932647Q PR3964 FC7252Q010BS
PR4388 932648Q PR4021 FC7252Q025BS
PR4389 932649Q PR4022 FC7253A003BS
PR4390 932650Q PR4198 FC7253A005BS
PR4391 932651Q PR4199 FC7253A010BS
PR4392 932652Q PR4220 FC7253A025BS


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