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Quick Details
Applicable Industries:
Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, industry
Core Components:filter element
Efficiency 99.98%
Construction:Cartridge Filter
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:Z&L FILTER
Filter material: galvanized steel cartridge ,glass fiber ,ss caps and bottoms 
Support:ss 304
End cap: ss 304
Sealing materia: rubber ,
Maximum differential pressure:4.0Bar
Limited operation temperature:120℃ per min

Product Parameters

Product Name Hydraulic filtration oil filter cartridge
Filter medium glass fiber
Support layer stainless steel
Filter cage stainless steel
Pore size
Length 50-100mm
Sealing material Silastic, NBR, EPDM, 
Airtight method: thermal bonding technique
Effective filtration area 0.4~0.7m²/10"
Diameter 50-90mm
Max. operating temperature 90°C,(ΔP≤0.1Mpa)
Max. positive pressure 0.42Mpa(25°C)
Max. back pressure 0.28Mpa(25°C)
PH value  1—13
Sterilizing temperature 121°C  30min
Product Advantage
Multi-layered media for increased solids holding capacity
• Ultra-fine solids removal
• Maximum water coalescence
• Balanced cartridge flow characteristics
• Recommended maximum operating temperature: 240°F (115oC)
• Withstands in excess of 75 psi differential pressure
• PH range from 5 to 9
• Screw base or open-end configuration
  Production Application
• Gas Processing Amine and glycol
• Natural Gas Production & Gathering Amine, glycol, produced water, well completion fluids
• General Industrial Pre-R.O., well injection, bottle wash, water, solvents,acids, alkalis, alcohols
• Industrial Water, solvents, acids, D.I. , alcohols
• Food & Beverage Water, flavorings, beer, wine, vinegar
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01.NR 630.3VG.10.B.P.-, 304533 01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.P 314832 01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.V.V 319430
01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.P.-,  304534 01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.P 314855  01.NR 1000.32227.10VG.25G.25.B.V.-.S1 319435
01.NR 630.10VG.10.B.P.- 304535  01.NR 400.10VG.10.B.P 314870 01.NR 1000.32227.10VG.25G.25.B .P.-.S1 319717
 01.NR 630.25G.10.B.P 304916 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P.I 314897 01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.P.IS 319757
 01.NR 630.25VG.10.B.P 305036 01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.V, 314906 01.NR 250.25VG.10.B.V 320481
01.NR 1000.6VG.10.B.P 305449  01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.V 314913 01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P, 25V 321786
01.NR 630.40G.10.B.P 306601 01.NR 630.1VG.10.B.P 315136  01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.V 321791
 01.NR 630.80G.10.B.P 306602  01.NR 1000.25VG.16.B.V.IS25 FA 315281 01.NR 630.1VG.10.B.V.- 323134
01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P. 306604  01.NR 250.1VG.10.B.P 315444 01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.I,  323833
01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P 306605  01.NR 630.250G.10.B.P 315475  01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V 324204
 01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P 306606  01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.V 316497  01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.P, 500G 324757
 01.NR 1000.16VG.10.B.P 306607 01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.V 316543  01.NR 630.25G.10.B.P.VA 326672
 01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P 306608 , 01.NR 1000.10G.10.B.P 316613  01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.IS06 324798
01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.P 306609 01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.V, 316697  01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P.V, 329477
01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.P 306610 01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.P.V 316719  01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.V.VA 331971
 01.NR 1000.130G.10.B.P 306611  01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.P 317272 01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P.IS27 335641
01.NR 630.16VG.10.B.P 306650 01.NR 400.3VG.10.B.P 317489 01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V.VA 336760
01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P.IS06 307186 01.NR 400.25VG.10.B.P 317492  01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.P.VA,  338409
01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.V 308250  01.NR 630.25VG.10.B.V, 318014 01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.P. 338416
01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.V 308557 01.NR 1000.25.1G.10.B.P 318693  01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P.- 338454
01.NR 1000.10P.10.B.P, 10P 309647  01.NR 1000.1000G.10.B.P, 318998 01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P.VA 338581
 01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.V 310763 01.NR 250.25G.10.B.P 319214 , 01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.V.I, 343692
01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V 310764 01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.N 319414 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V 343693
01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.P.VA 311069 01.NR 250.25VG.10.B.P 314454  01.NR1000.10VG.10.B. 306605
01.NR 1000.16VG.10.B.V 311547 01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.P 314491  01.NR 63.25VG.10.B.P 312792
01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.V 312235 01.NR 250.6VG.10.B.P 314492 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P.VA 312820
01.NR 630.3VG.10.B.V 312440 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V 344603 01.NR 100.10VG.10.B.P,  313167
01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.V 312470  01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.V, 345941  01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.P 313651
01.NR 100.25VG.10.B.P. 312504  01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.V, 345942 01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.P.V 313890
 01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.V 312527 01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.VA, 347356  01.NR 250.10VG.10.B.P 314191
01.NR 630.10VG.10.B.V, 312744 01.NR 1000.25VG.16.B.V.IS25 350739 01.NR 63.10VG.10.B.P 314218
 01.NR 1000.1000G.10.B.P, 318998 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V 310764 01.NR 160.10VG.10.B.P, 314220

Our Service:
Service Provide: 
OEM ODM & OBM service, printing or logo information is acceptable.
Quality Guarantee:
All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. If any problems caused by the product itself,
we will supply you the new replaced ones ASAP.

After-sales Service:
Any problems caused by using our products:
1) Keep the problem products and timely contact with us for better feedbacks.
2) Please do not damage problem products, if necessary, Send the 
    products and the attached oil and the coolant sample together to us for better analyzing
3) Attached with repair document, parts list, labor costs and any other materials which 
    can support a claim for compensation. 
Z&L Filter supply other replacement hydraulic return oil filter element part numbers:
0240R series
0240R003BN/HC 0240R005BN/HC 0240R010BN/HC 0240R020BN/HC
0240R003BN3HC 0240R005BN3HC 0240R010BN3HC 0240R020BN3HC
0240R003BN4HC 0240R005BN4HC 0240R010BN4HC 0240R020BN4HC
0240R003BN/HC 0240R005BN/HC 0240R010BN/HC 0240R020BN/HC
0240R020P 0240R020W
0330R filter series 
0330R003BN/HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R010BN/HC 0330R020BN/HC
0330R003BN3HC 0330R005BN3HC 0330R010BN3HC 0330R020BN3HC
0330R003BN4HC 0330R005BN4HC 0330R010BN4HC 0330R020BN4HC
0330R003BN/HC 0330R005BN/HC 0330R010BN/HC 0330R020BN/HC
0330R020P 0330R020W
0660R filter series 
0660R003BN/HC 0660R005BN/HC 0660R010BN/HC 0660R020BN/HC
0660R003BN3HC 0660R005BN3HC 0660R010BN3HC 0660R020BN3HC
0660R003BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC 0660R010BN4HC 0660R020BN4HC
0660R003BN/HC 0660R005BN/HC 0660R010BN/HC 0660R020BN/HC
0660R020P 0660R020W
0850R filter series 
0850R003BN/HC 0850R005BN/HC 0850R010BN/HC 0850R020BN/HC
0850R003BN3HC 0850R005BN3HC 0850R010BN3HC 0850R020BN3HC
0850R003BN4HC 0850R005BN4HC 0850R010BN4HC 0850R020BN4HC
0850R003BN/HC 0850R005BN/HC 0850R010BN/HC 0850R020BN/HC
0850R020P 0850R020W
0950R filter series 
0950R003BN/HC 0950R005BN/HC 0950R010BN/HC 0950R020BN/HC
0950R003BN3HC 0950R005BN3HC 0950R010BN3HC 0950R020BN3HC
0950R003BN4HC 0950R005BN4HC 0950R010BN4HC 0950R020BN4HC
0950R003BN/HC 0950R005BN/HC 0950R010BN/HC 0950R020BN/HC
0950R020P 0950R020W
1300R filter series 
1300R003BN/HC 1300R005BN/HC 1300R010BN/HC 1300R020BN/HC
0990D003BN3HC 1300R005BN3HC 1300R010BN3HC 1300R020BN3HC
0990D003BN4HC 1300R005BN4HC 1300R010BN4HC 1300R020BN4HC
1300R003BN/HC 1300R005BN/HC 1300R010BN/HC 1300R020BN/HC
1300R020P 1300R020W
2600R filter series 
2600R003BN/HC 2600R005BN/HC 2600R010BN/HC 2600R020BN/HC
2600R003BN3HC 2600R005BN3HC 2600R010BN3HC 2600R020BN3HC
2600R003BN4HC 2600R005BN4HC 2600R010BN4HC 2600R020BN4HC
2600R003BN/HC2600R005BN/HC2600R010BN/HC2600R020BN/HC 2600R020P

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