• Replace internormen Hydraulic filter 300370 01.NL250.80G.30.E.P
  • Replace internormen Hydraulic filter 300370 01.NL250.80G.30.E.P

Replace internormen Hydraulic filter 300370 01.NL250.80G.30.E.P

Type: Oil Filter Structure: Cartridge Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HL Model Number: 300370 (01.NL250.80G.30.E.P)
  • Replace internormen Hydraulic filter 300370 01.NL250.80G.30.E.P
Quick Details
Type:  Oil Filter    Structure:  Cartridge   Place of Origin:   Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:  HL   Model Number:  300370 (01.NL250.80G.30.E.P)
Power(W): Needed  Weight:  1KG   Dimension(L*W*H):  Standard
Warranty:  12 Months   P/N:300370 (01.NL250.80G.30.E.P)
Filter material:  Glassfiber, wire mesh, paper  Operating temperature: up to 100°C
Filter Type: Internormen filter element  Filtration efficiency:  99.99% filtration area
Application:  Hydraulic system
SupplyAbility:  10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging Details  Shrinkable film package inside, inner carton, and outer carton packed.
Port Tianjin,Beijing   Lead Time :  Shipped in 5 days after payment
Internormen Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 300370 (01.NL250.80G.30.E.P)
INTERNORMEN Filter Cartridge Description
(1) Accuracy: 3um, 6um, 10um , 12um, 16um, 25um, 40um, 60um, 80um, 130um, 500um

(2) Material: Glass fiber filter paper-BN, Stainless steel wire mesh-W, Wood pulp paper-P, Stainless steel sintered mesh-V
(3) Sealing Materials: Z- fluorine Aprons, D- NBR
(4) Working Pressure: H-32MPa, M-16MPa, C-3.0MPa, L-1.6MPa
(5) Working Medium: general hydraulic oil
(6) Working Temperature: -30℃~+100℃
American Internormen Brief Introduction
The Internormen filter we produce can filter out particulate contamination in the hydraulic system, ensure the normal operation of equipment, extend the life of the equipment.
Internormen Filter Elements Part Numbers
300290 01.E1201.10P.10.S.P 01.NL63.25G.30.E.P 01E.150.130.30.EP 300403
324204-10.1G 01.E1201.10VG.10.S.V 01.E.2001.3VG.HR.E.P 01E.360.130G.30.E.P 308064
D68804 01.E1201.130VG.10.E.P 01.E210.12VG.10.E.P 01E.600.25VG.30.E.P 306607
D131G10A 01.E1201.16VG.10.S.P 01.E950.10VG.10.S.P 01NR.1000.16VG.10.B.P 303755
307254 01.E1201.250G.10.E.P 01.NR.1000.3VG.10.B.P DU.635.6VG.30.S1.P-FS-A 300727
307256 01.E1201.25P.10.S.P 01.NL250.10VG.30.E.P DTEF1652.25VG.16.S.P 332776
311433 01.E1201.25VG.10.E.V P/N01.NR1000.25VG.10.B.V 01E.175.10VG.16.E 300266
300065 01.E1201.3VG.10.E.V 01.NR.40.6VG.HR.B.P1 HP91.10VG.HR.E.T-G4 319788
300089 01.E1201.3VG.10.E.P 01.E.175.6VG.HR.E.P HP-9.10VG.E.PG.4-AE 310869
300065 01.E1201.40G.10.E.V 01.E.90.25VG.10.E.P 01.NR1000.10.1G.10B.V 305560


01.E.41.3VG.HR.E.P 01.E.660.6VG.HR.E.P 303755
314837 01.E1201.6VG.10.S.V 01.E.30.6VG.30.E.P 01.NR1000.25VG.10.B.V 305560

Hydraulic Oil Filter Main application areas
Electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper, petrochemical and other industries, has widespread application

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