Boll Candle Filter 1450043

Item No.: 1450043
Place of Origin:Hebei  China (Mainland)  Model Number: Customer Required
AMaterial: Stainless Steel Mesh  Type: Oil Filter  Application: Industrial Machinery
Function: Lubrican Oil  Usage:  automatic back-washing lube oil filter
Efficiency:  85%-90%  D
Description Review
Candle type filter cartridge is mainly used in oil filter, by many filter cores and a magnetic cores, with size, effectively increase the filtering area. With metal wire network filter medium, pressure loss with small resistance, high strength, can be repeated washing flush, etc. Filter and USES threaded coupling bolts or, installation and removal, clean easily.
Use scope:
Applicable in metallurgical, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, paper making, textile, food and medicine, life, and environmental protection, oil, water filtration, involving all industries:
Crude oil, fuel oil, petrol, kerosene, diesel oil filter, etc
The hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, oil, gear oil filter .etc
Raw water, sewage , plain water ,reclaimed water filtration.etc
Main features:
1..the high intensity, long service life, corrosion resistance, temperature range, without material from
big filter area, byg flow, porosity, permeability, high carrying capacity, with strong sex (can be repeated cleaning)
3..with size, Z series (type filter) filtering area for Y series (cylindrical) filtering area of 2.5-4 times, prolong the cartridge replacement cycles
installation ,removal and clean easily 
5..Note : Single filter cores OD certain, length can be adjust   smiley


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