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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:Z&L FILTER
Application : truck ,bus,tractor,loader ,
Product Name: fuel filter 1393640
Height:6 inch,
Largest O.D:3.6  inch
Largest I.D 3.2 inch
Efficienty: 40 micron
Medium Material: glassfiber, steel.paper ,rubber
Type: fuel filter 1393640
Model Number: 1393640
Product parameters
Produce Name Fuel filter
certification ISO9001
Filter material Glassfiber ,steel,paper ,rubber
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. 1393640
Brand name z&l filter
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese paper
Height:19 inch, Height:6 inch,
Largest O.D:3.6  inch
Largest I.D 3.2 inch
Efficienty: 40 micron
Operating Efficiency OE HD Air 97% Initial Eff. on 40 micron
Cross type number list
SP1314 AD27747 FF261 HF35153 HF6161
2914807000 AD27750 FF42000 FF5815 LF3000
STCX785AB AF1604 FF42002 FF5790 LF637
7733150 AF1605M FF5018 HF30747 WF2071
1296851 AF1605NF FF5054 AF25830 HF35379
4157422 AF1840 FF5113 TF15002 AF26114
3035101 AF1841 FF5206 AF25618 AF25667
RE500186 AF1842 FF5207 FF5705 FS1022
11EM52320 AF1843 FF5324 FF5584 HF35497
RE500186 AF25065 AF1009 HF28943 HF35476
411900028 AF25238 AF1010 HF30008 HF35361
8802008 AF25239 AF1802 AF25230 HF6107
51125030066 AF25305 HF28811 FF5775 AF26428
3754770002 AF25317 HF28813 AF25163 AF26235
19500494 AF25435 HF28919 CV51301 AF25139M
F66030 AF25454 HF28989 HF29126 AF55777
912029800 AF25468 FF5333 AF4335 FS19624
1393640 AF25479 FF5380 AF25064 HF35130
FS551767 FF163 FF5405 HF29081 FS19593
11110189 FF167A HF29068 AF25062 HF30584
AF25897 TF15025 AF25957 HF35296 HF30473
FF73100 AF26155 TF15082A AF26393 AF26328M
AF26395 AF26396 AF26397 HF35315 FS19763
TF15085 HF35317 AF26398 FS1065 HF30262
LF17503 UF101 AF26399 WF2054 LF3341
FS1067 HF35320 WF2074 HF35345 LF3335
WF2077 AF26400 AF25491 AF25492 HF30210
AF25523 AF25548 AF25619 FS1080 HF29111
AF27859 FS1221 FS1225 AF4060 HF28909
AF25620 HF35376 HF6205 AF4203 HF28805
FS1294 AF4523 HF6551 AF55822 HF28804
HF6572 HF6603 AF25623 AF25631 HF28803
AF55824 AF25632 AF25748 AF25749 AF4548
AF25756 AF25772 ST1337 FS19513 FS19729
FS19531 FS19532 AF55894 ST1435 LF3320
AF25953 AF56000 AF25954 AF26162 AF4184
AF26163M AF56006 AF26212 LF4014 FF254
AS2461 AS2477 AF26267 AF26384 AS2474
FS19547 FS19551 AF26405 AF26435 WF2121
FS19687 AF26455 FS19793 FS19832 LF3829
FS19931 AF26472M FS19932 AF27819 FF5695
AF27875 AF350K AF4058 AF4560 HF35520
AF4106 AF4608 AF4713 AF4746 LF16233
AF4884 AF4895 FS19975 FS19976 AF26207
FS19977 AF55711 AF55712 FS19978 AF26208
AF55717 AF55718 AF56002 AF851M AF56013
FS20009 FS20028 AF883M AH1107 AD27751
FS20403 FF2200 LF17475 LF16243 FS1041
HF35318 LF14000NN LF16232 LF16042 HF6162
FK48008 CS41001 FS1000 AF27843 AD27746
FF5510 AF26474 FS19769 AF26664 LF9070
AF27917 FF5635 LF3327 ST1659 AF25976
HF29113 AF26139 AF26145 AF26670 LF3914
FF5089 LF16117 AF4996 AF4995K AF26675
FS19736 AF25040 LF3773 LF734 WF2129
FS19728 AF25129M LF3737 LF777 WF2131
FS19599 AF25237 LF3687 LF4056 WF2096
FS19536 AF25247 LF3675 LF670 UF104
FS1293 AF25614 LF3654 LF699 WF2073
FS1206 AF25840 LF3493 LF3867 WF2075
FF5817 AF26154 LF3574 LF4054 MK12001
FF5507 AF26246 LF3413 LF3827 LF9325
FF5443 AF26424 LF3379 LF3758 LF9333
FF5369W AF26427 LF3400 LF3765 LF9620
  AF27706 LF3333 WF2129 LF785
LF3573 AF27714 WF2108 WF2131 CS41045
AF25426 AF27878 WF2109 HF7919 CS41008
FF5272 AF27949 WF2126 HF7999 AF55803
FF5135 FS20203 WF2127 LF16015 AF55877
HF6141 HF35489 HF7066 LF17502 CS41008
AF25812 HF35493 HF7070 HF6587 LF3620
AA2958 FS19521 HF7074 HF6588 WF2051
FS36216 FS19584 HF7919 FS19950 AF26330
FF5074 FS19737 HF40015 FS20202 HF6547
LF14009NN FS19930 HF6586 AF55708 HF6451
FS19966 FF5421 AF55785 HF6555 AF4588M
LF667 FF5485 AF55803 HF6553 AF4972
LF17505 FK11001 AF55721 LF9620 AF55707
LF3321 FF5321 AF55748 FS19735 HF6278
LF9667 FF5366 HF28850 FS19727 HF6182
LF3973 FF5298 HF28836 HF35362 LF634
FS19914 FF5313 HF35363 AF976 3937557S
FS19799 FF5040 AF26286 AF975M FF5319
FS19765 FF5057 AF26285K FS1242 FS1212
FS19753 FF250 LF16046 FS19519 LF9691
AF4202 CS41044 FF5461 FS1015 LF691
AF4200 LF3806 FS1280 LF3970 AF1968
UK175 LF701 LF9009 1393640 1393640
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Payment Method T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal
Type 1 Carton Box + Pallet
Type 2 Plastic Bag + Carton Box + Pallet
Type 3 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Pallet
Type 4 Plastic Bag(Design) + Carton Box(Design) + Wooden Case

Detailed Filter Image:

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