• 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
  • 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
  • 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
  • 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
  • 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
  • 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263

Quick Details
Apply for: hydraulic and lubrication system
Place of Origin: Hebei , China
Brand Name: Z&l Filter
Product Media: glass fiber
Micron Rating: 10 microns
Seal Type: rubber
Height: 18.2in
OD Top: 2.8in
ID_Bottom: 1.8 in

Business Type: Manufacture
Model Number : 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.300263
Efficiency : 97 %
Filter accuracy: 10 micron

Product parameters

Produce Name Pressure oil filter cartridge
certification ISO9001
Filter material Galvanized caps and bottoms .ss meshi support.rubber ,glass fiber
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. 01.E 450.6VG.HR.E.P.   300263
Brand name z&l filter
Fits  medium and high pressure in-line filters to protect system components such as valves and hydraulic motors.
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese glassfiber
dimensions Height: 18.2in
OD Top: 2.8in
ID_Bottom: 1.8 in
Operating Efficiency OE HD 97% Initial Eff. on 10 micron

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Hydraulic oil filters
Air filters ,oil and air seaprators
Optional/alternative/replacement Donald air filters
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Excavator,loader ,paver ,milling machine,vechicle,truck ,pump,mixer car,drilling machine ,heavy vehicle,engine ,bux ,power equipment  air filter ,fuel filter ,lube filter.
 Product introduction
Z&l pressure filter elements are ideal for use in medium and high pressure in-line filters to protect system components such as valves and hydraulic motors.
Our  wide range of filter elements provide trouble-free operation when filtering abrasive fluids, cooling lubricants or water-based fluids and are designed to achieve cleanliness class requirements.
Product advantages
High resistance to variable operating pressures and flow rates contribute to one of the highest dirt-holding capacities and filtration efficiencies on the market
Filters contain more pleats and surface area than many competitors
Consistent filter efficiency, even at high differential pressure
Exceptional value and price-performance ration
Improved system reliability
Decreased number of maintenance operations
Lower maintenance costs
Extended filter element life
Customized solutions for specific filtration challenges
 Product application
Power generation
Agriculture and construction
Material handling
Oil and gas
Power units
Lubrication modules
Mobile hydraulics
Factory equipment

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3) Attached with repair document, parts list, labor costs and any other materials which 
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