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Which Industries Are Hankison Filter Replacement Used In?
The Hankison Filter Replacement is mainly used for purifying water

The Hankison Filter Replacement is mainly used for purifying water. It can be used for water filtration in various industries such as industry, agriculture, electric power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper making, coal mine, swimming pool, landscape, greening, etc. Water treatment and water transformation are especially in the field of microfiltration, which requires high water quality. The automatic filter has many functions to remove sediment, clay, rust, suspended solids, algae, biological slime, corrosion products, macromolecular bacteria, Organic substances and other fine particles and other impurities, to achieve the purpose of water purification.

The pretreatment of Washable Stainless Steel Filter refers to the process of removing or reducing suspended solids and colloids in water to a certain extent, and the process required for general water use is called water pretreatment. Generally speaking, the pre-treatment of the fully automatic self-cleaning filter has a precipitation using natural sedimentation (such as a grit chamber), or the agent softens, such as adding chemicals to make the sediment in the water, and the large particle suspension temporarily forms a precipitate and settles. The treated water passes through the granular filter material, so that impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter material to be removed, or water is obtained. For example, various filter filters, etc., coagulation clarification uses the action of coagulant, so that the solid particles in the water are adsorbed by mutual contact, and their size and density are changed to separate from the water.
Hankison Filter Replacement