What Are The Materials Used For Vacuum Pump Separator Filter?

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Update time : 2019-06-14 17:44:56

Vacuum Pump Separator Filter, as its name suggests, is generally used in the hydraulic system or oil filter inside the filter, its role is to filter the impurities inside the hydraulic oil, to ensure the clean hydraulic oil and smooth operation of the hydraulic system. So what kind of material is better when choosing stainless steel oil filter?

Stainless steel oil filter sometimes filters the medium is not ordinary hydraulic oil, it will have certain corrosiveness or high working temperature. Therefore, glass fiber can not be used. Stainless steel metal mesh should be used, and the fiberglass material is relatively brittle. The filter material is not reusable after the filter element is clogged. It should be replaced in time. If it is made of stainless steel, it can be reused.

The filter materials used in the general Stable Pressure Hydraulic Oil Filters are all high-quality glass fiber. Because the glass fiber is relatively sharp, it can break the oil spore well, can filter the impurities in the oil better, and the precision of the glass fiber is wider. According to different environments, and the glass fiber is cheaper than other metal materials, so the stainless steel oil filter core uses glass fiber as the filter material.

Therefore, according to the different working environment and cost performance of the customer.
Vacuum Pump Separator Filter