What Are The Types Of ISO9001 Air Filtration Flanges?

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Update time : 2019-03-23 11:03:36

ISO9001 Air Filtration net is a lot of industries used in the filter products, stainless steel filter net of a lot of types, there are double layer of stainless steel filter net, folding, cylindrical, flange sealing bottom and so on according to customer custom shaped stainless steel filter net. So what kind of flanges are used in our common stainless steel strainer with flanges?

We all know that ISO9001 Precision Filter network flange is to play a role in connecting equipment accessories. There are many kinds of stainless steel filter flange, some of the flange is formed by stamping flange, like this kind of flange is the need for mold, is also used stainless steel filter flange accessories. Some of the flange through the lathe processing, like this flange is a special requirement, or in the flange processing again before the choice of this flange. Stainless steel filter often used is the two kinds of flange, there are some flange is shaped.
ISO9001 Air Filtration