Replacement Trumpf sintered filter

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Update time : 2019-03-29 16:08:23

ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element can achieve what degree of purification: in general, the last stage of the filter determines the degree of air purification, upstream filters only play a protective role, it protects the downwind end of the filter to extend its service life, or protect the air conditioning system to ensure its normal work.

In the air conditioning design, should first according to the user's clean requirements to determine the efficiency of the last level of Replacement Fleetguard Air Filter Element, and then choose the filter that plays a protective role, if this level of filter also needs to be protected, and then in its windward end filter. Protective filters are collectively referred to as "prefilters".

Levels of filter efficiency should be properly matched. If the efficiency specifications of two adjacent filters differ too much, the former one cannot protect the latter one. If the difference between the two levels is not large, the burden of the latter level is too small.

The service life of high efficiency filter at the end of clean room should be 5 ~ 15 years.