What Are The Functions Of The Water And Oil Separation Filter?

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Update time : 2019-11-11 09:32:58

What are the functions of the water and oil separation filter? There are often netizens who consulted the small series. In fact, the water removal method of the diesel filtration system is mainly precipitation. Either set a precipitation chamber in the lower part of the filter or use a special precipitator. Whether it is the sedimentation chamber in the lower part of the filter or the special precipitator, there is a drain valve. When the water accumulates to a certain amount, the valve is released, which is also called the oil-water separator filter. The oil-water separator compressed air oil-water separator is composed of a casing, a cyclone, a filter element, a sewage component and the like. When compressed air containing a large amount of oil and water solid impurities enters the separator, it spins down along its inner wall, and the centrifugal force generated causes the oil water to separate from the steam flow and flow down the wall to the bottom of the oil water separator. Fine filtration is then carried out by the filter element. Well, the following Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge Filter suppliers come for analysis and analysis, let's take a look:

First, the oil water separator filter is simple

The oil-water separator is a kind of fuel filter. The main function is to remove the moisture in the diesel oil to reduce the injector failure and prolong the service life of the engine. Because the filter element is made of coarse, fine and ultra-fine fiber filter materials, it has high filtration efficiency (up to 99.9%) and low resistance. When the gas passes through the filter element, due to the blockage of the filter element, inertial collision As well as the intermolecular van der Waals force, electrostatic attraction and vacuum suction are firmly adhered to the filter fiber, and gradually become droplets, which drop into the bottom of the separator under gravity and are discharged by the drain valve.

The principle of the Water oil Separator Element Oil Filter is mainly: a separator that removes impurities and moisture according to the difference in density of water and fuel, and a separation element such as a diffusion cone and a filter screen. The oil-water separator has other functions, such as pre-heating the fuel to prevent waxing and filtering impurities.



Water oil Separator Element Oil Filter

Second, the analysis of the benefits of installing water and oil separation filter

Under the general standard, the quality requirements of diesel vehicles using high-pressure common-rail engines are also higher, because high-pressure injectors need precise control of injection pressure, injection time and fuel injection quantity, so the workmanship is also required to be more delicate. If there is water or impurities in the diesel oil that are not cleaned, it will cause strain on the plunger coupler in the injector until the injector is stuck. Damage to the injector can cause unstable acceleration or acceleration of the engine, or discharge of black smoke and other faults, affecting the normal operation of the vehicle.

As the first stage of the multi-stage filter system, the primary fuel filter has the function of filtering out large particles of impurities and moisture. The requirements of the national three emission standards for fuel pressure, the water separation efficiency of the filter is required to reach 95%, but many strainers can not achieve such filtering effect, and the engine will be damaged over time. In order to allow the engine to "drink" clean diesel, only a "secondary processing" of those oils that do not meet the standard is required. Adding a water separator is the easiest and most practical method.

The above is the specific function of the water and oil separation filter, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in the filter, you can contact us, we produce Air Filter, oil filters, etc., welcome everyone to buy.