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What Are The Effects Of Not Changing The Filter On The Car?
Cars are a must-have item in our daily lives. For those who know about the filters on the car, the Pulse Jet Air Filter Element Supplier will tell you.

Cars are a must-have item in our daily lives. For those who know about the filters on the car, the Pulse Jet Air Filter Element Supplier will tell you.

Commonly used filters in automobiles are mainly air conditioner filters and oil filters, so what problems will arise if they are not replaced?

The effect of the air conditioner filter is to filter the outside air, and then ensure that the air inside the car is fresh and has no odor. The air conditioner filter can ensure that the unfiltered air enters the compartment as little as possible, and filters the solid impurities such as dust and abrasive particles in the air. Adsorbs harmful substances and moisture in the air to ensure that the air in the cab is clean and does not breed bacteria. It can block pollen and ensure the safety of the rider, such as ODM Truck Part Air Filter. Therefore, if you do not replace the air conditioner filter, the following problems will occur.

1. The effect of the air-conditioning filter is to filter the air. After long-term use, the air volume of the air-conditioning filter can be reduced. At this time, the air blown from the air outlet of the air-conditioning system is weakened. In a humid environment, the air-conditioning filter is prone to mold and bacteria, resulting in air conditioning. The time is mildew or odor. Activated carbon may also be present in the air-conditioning filter element. After long-term use, the adsorption and filtration function of the activated carbon will also decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the air conditioner filter with a regular one, and it is usually replaced once a year.

2. The result of using unqualified inferior air conditioning filters. The residual air conditioner filter is difficult to filter out impurities because of poor workmanship and low data quality. The paper used in the residual air conditioner filter is of poor quality and is prone to mold. Like the air filter, the air conditioner filter is usually in the passenger's passenger's glove box inside the car. It is convenient to disassemble and usually need to pay attention to check.

The oil filter, also known as the oil filter, is used to remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles from the oil to protect the engine. During the working process of the engine, metal grinding debris, dust, oxidized carbon deposits and colloidal deposits at high temperatures, water, etc. are constantly mixed into the lubricating oil. If the oil is not filtered and directly enters the lubricating oil circuit, the impurities contained in the oil will be brought into the friction surface of the moving pair to accelerate the wear of the parts and reduce the service life of the engine.


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So what effect does the oil filter change from time to time?

First, the impact of oil filter irregular replacement

The function of the oil filter is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring, etc. with clean oil to smooth, cool and clean. Function, then extend the life of these parts. There are two types of oil filters, one is a shell and a core, and the other is a shell and a core. The function of the oil filter is to filter the impurities and replace them with the oil. If it is not replaced, the oil will not be filtered, and then the internal parts of the engine will wear out due to impurities in the oil.

Second, the results of the residual oil filter

Qualified oil filters should have the functions of strong filtration capacity, low flow resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. The downwind products are not resistant to high temperatures, and the sealing performance is poor. The paper filter element is simply damaged, and the light filter affects the function of the oil filter, and the engine is overhauled.

The above is about the problems that will arise when you change the filter on the car from time to time. Now everyone should know the hazard. Please change your filter regularly. In addition, if you are interested in filters and filter elements, you can contact us. As a professional and Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier, we believe that we can provide you with professional services. Welcome to buy.