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Teach You How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Oil Filter
Every time the car is maintained, the engine oil and Oil Filter must be changed. The importance of oil is known to car owners, so it can be seen that the oil filter is also very important.

Every time the car is maintained, the engine oil and Oil Filter must be changed. The importance of oil is known to car owners, so it can be seen that the oil filter is also very important. Although it is cheap to replace the oil filter in some small repair shops, it is troublesome if you encounter fakes, so how to identify it good or bad is important.

Dangers of poor quality oil filters:

During the operation of the engine, metal abrasives, oil oxides, and impurities in the air will be introduced. The problem with poor-quality oil filters is mainly the poor filtering effect, which causes impurities to run back and forth in the oil circulation system. These small impurities will grind parts such as valves, valve push rods, various bearings, and even the cylinder wall. Traces accelerate the wear of parts and reduce the service life of the engine.


Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter

So how to distinguish the quality of the oil filter? The following Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier will come to tell you.

(1) Look at the appearance details

Only good oil filters are willing to invest the cost in appearance details to achieve the best. Inferior products do not have this ability at all, and they are too lazy to do it well. It can be distinguished from whether the surface of the oil filter housing is smooth, whether the printed content is clear, and whether there is a plastic seal at the opening of the oil filter.

(2) See if the rubber ring of the oil filter is tough and soft

The rubber ring of a good oil filter will have a thick material, and it will also have a soft feel when pinched by hand, which can ensure the tightness around the oil inlet and outlet. The rubber ring of inferior oil filter has a hard texture and lacks elasticity.

(3) See if there is a check valve structure inside

The oil filter check valve is a rubber bowl that blocks the return of the oil to ensure that the oil pressure can be formed in the lubrication system as soon as possible to ensure oil supply during cold start of the engine, so as to shorten the dry grinding time of the engine.

Its position is in the oil inlet of the oil filter. We can use a pointed object to insert it into the oil inlet. If it has a soft feel of rubber, it means that there is a check valve; otherwise, it is a hard object. There is no check valve.

(4) See if the oil filter element is fixed

In a good oil filter, its filter element will be firmly fixed inside the oil filter, and it will not be displaced when it is subjected to oil pressure and vehicle bumps to ensure that the oil passes through the filter paper to complete the filtration. You can also shake the oil filter to hear if there is noise, and determine whether it is fixed.

In addition, how to look at the truth from the inside of the oil filter professionally?

(1) Look at the distribution of filter holes in the oil filter

You can see the filter holes by cutting the filter paper inside the oil filter. The workmanship of inferior oil filters is rough, the filter holes are of different sizes, and the distribution is very random.

(2) Is the filter paper inferior?

The internal structure of the oil filter element is similar to that of air filter, and it is evenly separated by fan-shaped filter paper. After the oil penetrates, the filter is realized. Poor quality filter paper has a poor filtering effect and is stuffed in random, so the filtering effect is very bad.

(3) See if there is a bypass valve

The role of the bypass valve is that once the filter element is clogged, the oil can flow through additional pipes in addition to the normal filtering channel, so that the oil will not stop circulating in the entire engine, which can prevent the engine from being severely affected by the lack of oil Dry wear, and many inferior oil filters do not have this structure.

Cheap is not necessarily good, but most of the good is not cheap. When you choose an oil filter, you must have a long mind. Compared with better products, you can save effort and save money. Well, the above is how the supplier of Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge Filter introduced how to distinguish the quality of the oil filter, I hope to help everyone.