Maintenance Tips For Washable Stainless Steel Filter

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Update time : 2018-12-25 14:35:31

The purification series Washable Stainless Steel Filter, the general operation life is relatively long, if the user's maintenance is better, then the useful life of the extension equipment will be useful. What we share today is a little tips on the maintenance of cleanable filters. We look forward to helping us.

It is necessary to know how to disassemble the maintenance of the washable filter. Generally speaking, every cleaning operation needs to be disassembled. In this process, we must cook the details. Some professionals know that it is disassembled, which can prevent the damage of the equipment from happening at any time.

Control the flushing point of view to clean the filter, which from Washable Stainless Steel Filter Factory. You must pay attention to the time of flushing. Do not over-size the water. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the equipment and even other effects. The other one, we should not use the detergent to clean the equipment.

Do not use hard cleaning things, otherwise it will easily damage the filter equipment. If the filter parts can be cleaned, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it will easily affect the later filtration work. In the process of using the washable filter, we can perform regular maintenance work, if you can ask for professional The personnel are inspected to prevent damage to the equipment.