ISO9001 Air Filter Unit Components Are Important

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Update time : 2018-12-22 14:32:23

ISO9001 Air Filter element equipment is very important for air conditioners, fuel tanks and other parts that need to filter impurities. Through the filter element equipment, the impurities contained in the air and oil can be filtered out to ensure the service life and service performance of the receiving equipment. The filter element equipment is composed of several parts, mainly including paper rack, pre-cutting paper feeder, printer, automatic counter, filter paper folding machine, shearing machine, rounding machine, pressure welding machine, folding machine, etc. The parts and several parts are matched to achieve a good filtering effect. The slitting paper feeder can carry out stepless speed regulation through the motor, so that the slitting size can be precisely adjusted, and the operation is very convenient; the slitting effect of the Air Filter Element For Pulse Jet element device is very flat, and the infrared monitoring system can make the paper feeding The speed is the same as the speed at which the printer prints the filter paper.