Why Does ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element Create a Bypass Phenomenon B?

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Update time : 2019-03-07 15:36:11

(1) The ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element and the housing part are not sealed

The seal of the filter element and the housing part is usually made of an O-ring. If the seal is damaged or destroyed during use, it will cause leakage of the filter. The O-ring can be mounted in the cartridge mount or on the filter. Usually when replacing the filter element, replace the seal at the same time to ensure a reliable seal here. This is a hidden defect and is often found in the analysis of the test results of ISO 16889.

(2) Bypass valve spool does not respond

The bypass valve at the head of the Replacement Candle Element BOLL Filters housing opens when the filter element is severely blocked to ensure oil in the working system. If this valve design parameter is improperly or manufactured, improper installation will result in oil leakage or incorrect opening and closing of the valve, resulting in filter performance degradation or failure. This problem was found in the tests of ISO 16889 and ISO 3968 as follows: the pressure difference is not established or the filtration ratio is abnormal.
ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element