What is the Role of the Hydraulic Oil Filter?

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Update time : 2019-07-05 15:58:13

Hydraulic oil is the main working fluid in the entire system of the hydraulic station. So what is the function of installing the hydraulic oil filter in the hydraulic system? This article hydraulic manufacturers who sells Practical Hydraulic Oil Filter come to chat with you about it.

In a typical hydraulic station hydraulic system, there are at least two hydraulic oil filters. Because it is very important for such a device to add a hydraulic oil filter, it can increase the service life of the hydraulic oil and reduce the loss of the equipment. Let's talk about the actual effects of these two hydraulic oil filters.

Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter


The first one is installed at the suction port. This is a preventive defense device. That is, if we add some oil, there are certain particulate impurities and the like that may wear the system, it will be blocked by this filter, improve the safety of the system.

The second one is installed on the delivery line of the hydraulic oil. This is mainly used to remove waste and waste from the oil in operation. Just like the blood vessels of the human body, the hydraulic oil we run will also produce waste, mainly some colloids. This needs to be cleared in time to ensure the good operation of the hydraulic station.

The above is the main function of the hydraulic oil filter.We are a factory who supplies customers with Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter. If you have any question, you can contact us.