What Are The Common Problems With Washable Stainless Steel Filter?

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Update time : 2019-06-11 17:33:57

The raw materials of Washable Stainless Steel Filter products are generally made of stainless steel wire or stainless steel plate, which is regarded as a product that will not rust. In fact, stainless steel filter mesh is sometimes affected by the environment and there will be some rust, which is very normal phenomenon. So what are the common problems with stainless steel filters?

1. A cylindrical stainless steel filter sometimes has some wire removal during use. This situation can continue to be used. If the problem cannot be used, it can be replaced with a two-sided product. There will be no wire removal.

2. A Low Airflow Resistance Precision Filters like a hem sometimes finds a small amount of burrs on the hem. If you can do this, you can use the blade to get rid of it.

3. There is also a bowl-shaped stainless steel filter mesh that does not wrap the stainless steel mesh. This kind of fault is a defective product and belongs to the unqualified product.

4. There is also a cylindrical stainless steel filter in the production process, due to the high temperature of the loopholes are unqualified products, this problem is a non-conforming product, will directly affect the filtration effect.
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