Several Factors That Should Be Considered When Buy a ISO9001 Air Filter

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Update time : 2019-01-25 15:47:47

The filtration accuracy is the first. According to the requirements of the hydraulic system, the cleanliness level of the stains is determined, and according to the cleanliness level, the filter precision of the ISO9001 Air Filter is according to the schedule. The most commonly used hydraulic oil filter on construction machinery has a nominal filtration degree of 10μm. The nominal filtration accuracy of the hydraulic oil cleanliness (ISO4406) filter element uses the scale 13/103 hydraulic servo valve 16/135 hydraulic proportional valve / 1620 general hydraulic components (<10MPa ) (with 20μm filter cartridge).

Because the nominal filtration accuracy does not truly reflect the filtering ability of the Replacement Rietschle Vacuum Pump Oil Filter, the diameter of the largest hard spherical particle that the filter can pass under regular experimental conditions is often used as its absolute filtration accuracy.

The most important criterion for directly reflecting the initial filtration of the newly installed filter element to identify the hydraulic oil filter element is the β value measured according to ISO4572-1981E (Multi-Pass Test), that is, the oil mixed into the standard test powder is repeatedly circulated through the oil filter. The ratio of the number of particles on both sides of the oil port and the oil outlet.