How To Make Hankison Filter Replacement More Hydrophobic And Breathable?

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Update time : 2019-05-28 16:52:11

What kind of purification degree can the Hankison Filter Replacement generally achieve: In general, the last stage filter determines the degree of air purification, and the upstream filters are only protective, which protects the lower end filter to extend its service life. Or protect the air conditioning system to ensure it is working properly.

The efficiency of the last stage filter should be determined first according to the user's cleanliness requirements. If the filter is also protected, a filter is added to the upper end of the filter. The protective filters are collectively referred to as "pre-filters".

The efficiency of each level of filter should be properly matched. If the efficiency specifications of the adjacent two-stage filter differ too much, the previous stage does not function as the protection level; if the difference between the two stages is small, the burden of the latter stage is too small.

The service life of the high efficiency Fire Fighting Pump Control Panel at the end of the clean room should be 5 to 15 years. The most important factor affecting the service life is the quality of the pre-filter.

Before the clean room end high efficiency (HEPA) filter, it must be protected by a filter with an efficiency not lower than F8; the ultra-high efficiency (ULPA) filter can be equipped with a filter of F9~H11. The central air conditioner itself should be protected by a filter with an efficiency not lower than F5.

In the sand-free and low-pollution areas, there is no pre-filter in front of the F7 filter; in the urban central air-conditioning system, G3~F6 are common primary filters.

What efficiency level pre-filter should be set to protect the latter filter, which requires designers and field engineers to consider the use environment, spare parts costs, operating energy consumption, maintenance costs and other factors.
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