How To Determine The Quality Of Automobile Oil Filters?

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Update time : 2019-12-20 09:06:00

Oil Filter, its role is to filter impurities in the oil flowing in the lubrication system. After the engine runs for a period of time, some impurities will be generated. Some of these impurities are metal shavings generated by the wear of machine parts during operation, and some are black clay-like organic substances that are produced by the chemical action of the engine oil under the high temperature of the engine during operation.

These impurities are mixed in the oil and swim around in the lubrication system. At this time, the oil filter will remove these impurities and supply clean engine oil to the operating parts of the engine again. If the engine does not have an oil filter, then these impurities of the oil cannot be effectively filtered, the impurities remain in the oil, and they can randomly walk inside the engine, which will cause wear inside the engine.

Oil Filter

Oil Filter

Why do many people say "Good oil needs a good oil filter?" Of course, there will also be a Hydraulic Oil Filter. The better the oil, the more impurities will be cleaned out of the engine. At this time, it needs to be matched with a good ability to filter impurities. Oil filter can ensure that those impurities in the oil are effectively filtered. If the oil filter has a weak or no filtering ability, then those impurities will aggravate engine wear, so good oil needs to be equipped with an oil filter. 

So how to judge the quality of the oil filter? The following Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier will come to tell you.

1. From the appearance: Good things look good as well as the outer packaging. The oil filter of the brand is generally smooth on the surface of the shell, and the printed content is very clean. The boundaries of the text and the pattern are clear, and the pattern will not be blurred. The opening of the oil filter will also be plastic-sealed. Keep the opening clean. Inferior, cheap oil filters, the surface of the casing is rough, even abrasion or scratches, and the text and patterns printed on the surface are blurred and non-standard, the text and patterns have no obvious borders, and there is nothing in the openings Laminated.

2. Oil filter rubber ring: A good oil filter not only has a thick rubber ring, but also feels soft with pinch, there will be no cracks in the bending place, and the drawing depth is high; in contrast, some inferior oil filters The texture of the rubber ring is very hard, and it has no elasticity. It does not feel toughness by pinching, and the drawing depth is low.

3. Check valve structure: The position of the check valve is inside the oil inlet of the oil filter. Use a pointed object like the tip of a ballpoint pen to insert the oil inlet. If you can feel the soft rubber, there is a check. If the valve is inserted into a hard object, it means that there is no check valve at all. The check valve is equivalent to a rubber bowl. Although simple, it is very important. It can block the return of oil to ensure that when the engine is cold-started, the oil pressure can be formed in the lubrication system as soon as possible to ensure oil supply.

4. The inner wall of the oil filter: To determine whether the filter element of the oil filter is stable, just insert the oil filter with your fingers and press the inner wall firmly to see if the filter element will shake. If the filter element is stable, the finger press is not Will shift, inferior ones will keep shaking.

5. Listen to noise: shake the engine oil filter vigorously, and then put the oil filter in your ear to listen to whether there is noise in the part interference. The good is no noise, but the inferior is different.

The oil filter seems to be a small part, but it is also very important for the engine, so it is best to choose a large brand and good quality when replacing the oil filter.