how to choose suitable hydraulic oil filter

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How to choose hydraulic oil filter cartridge 
Product Introduction
Hydraulic oil filter core products, the filter material is divided into Nanjing filter material and imported RAND filter material, glass fiber filter paper adopts experimental grade high-quality filter paper, filter core support frame end cover are thickened and the surface after chemical treatment, chemical stability bearing capacity is greatly improved.
Product Advantages:
• Reduce pressure loss
• Increase the capacity to absorb pollution
• Flow fatigue stability
• Bypass device protects filter from damage
• Improved flow fatigue stability
• Extend the service life of the filter element
• Higher operational reliability
• Improved oil cleanliness
• Improved performance
• Reduce operating and maintenance costs
Product application
Good pollution capacity and improved flow fatigue stability greatly extend the replacement interval of the filter element, so that the machine can work stably in a longer time interval. The improved filtration material structure has made a significant contribution to the improvement of pollutant absorption capacity, reducing pressure loss and improving pressure differential stability. Improved filter material can dissipate static electricity, the skeleton has good bending strength, while reducing pressure loss.
Product application principle
Filter according to its filter precision (filter impurity particle size), there are coarse filter, ordinary filter, precision filter and special fine filter four kinds, they can filter more than 100μm, 10 ~ 100μm, 5 ~ 10μm and 1 ~ 5μm size of impurities.
Purchasing issues
(1) The filtering accuracy should meet the predetermined requirements.
(2) It can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.
(3) The filter core has enough strength and is not damaged by hydraulic pressure.
(4) The filter core has good corrosion resistance and can work for a long time at the specified temperature.
(5) Filter core is easy to clean or replace.
Product installations
(1) to be installed in the pump suction port:
Pump suction road is generally equipped with surface type oil filter, the purpose is to filter the larger impurities particles to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition, the filter filter capacity should be more than twice the pump flow, pressure loss is less than 0.02mpa.
(2) Installed on the export oil road of the pump:
The purpose of the oil filter installed here is to remove contaminants that may intrude into components such as valves. Its filtration accuracy should be 10 ~ 15μm, and can withstand the oil working pressure and impact pressure, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35mpa. Should be installed at the same time
The relief valve prevents the oil filter from clogging.
(3) Installed on the oil return path of the system: this installation plays an indirect filtering role. Generally installed with the filter and a back pressure valve, when the filter blockage reaches a certain pressure value, the back pressure valve is opened.
(4) Installed on the branch oil circuit of the system.
(5) Separate filtration system: large hydraulic system can be specially set up a hydraulic pump and oil filter to form an independent filtration loop.
In the hydraulic system, in addition to the oil filter required by the whole system, a special fine oil filter is often installed separately in front of some important components (such as servo valve, precision throttle valve, etc.) to ensure their normal work.
Product technical actors
(1). The filter material is made of glass fiber and resin through a special process. With fixed gap structure, filter material does not fall off. The intercepted pollution particles will not "discharge" due to pressure difference and flow pulsation.
(2). The gradual aperture structure is gradually narrowed along the flow direction from the outside to the inside. Layered interception of pollution particles of different sizes. Achieve deep scale. Thus greatly improve the service life.
(3) The support of spiral winding belt is adopted to ensure the stability of filter material.