How To Change The Oil Filter?

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Update time : 2019-12-12 09:55:04

In maintenance items, replacement of parts is essential. Among them, the most frequent replacement is the oil filter. The role of the oil filter is to remove dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles from the oil to protect the engine. So when you change the oil, you have to change the oil filter together. Today Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier will share how to change the oil filter.

Preparation tools:

1. Sufficient amount of new oil: Check your user manual to select the right viscosity, performance and quantity of oil required.

2. A new oil filter element: Most vehicles use different types and sizes of rotating oil filter elements. (Check your user manual to select the appropriate model and size).

3. Machine filter spanner: This is a necessary tool when changing machine filters.

4. Gloves: This cotton thread gloves on the picture. Wear gloves first to prevent slipping and second to prevent burns.

5. Oil basin: It must be used to prevent oil from flowing everywhere.

6. Jack: bring it when you lift the car. (If the owner changes the filter, he can also buy online, the price is about 75 yuan.)


Oil Filter

Replacement steps:

1. First park the car and turn it off, pull the handbrake, the manual gear needs to be locked into the gear position, and the automatic gear needs to be hooked into the p gear. Check whether the chassis has a guard plate and whether the guard plate has a drain port and an oil filter Replace the mouth.

2. Drain the old oil, loosen the oil plug screw with a spanner, start slowly, and finally unscrew the oil plug screw carefully to release the oil.

3. Remove the oil filter and unscrew the oil filter element from the engine compartment, taking care not to touch the hot exhaust manifold. There is still a little residual oil in the machine filter at this time.

4. Install Oil Filter and rotate clockwise according to the thread. Once the threads are aligned, the filter element can be easily installed. Tighten the filter element by hand, taking care not to make it too tight. Clean the oil drain bolt and drain, then replace the oil drain bolt. Rotate the oil drain bolt by hand first and then fix it with a spanner. Be careful not to tighten too tightly.

5. Fill with new oil, open the oil cap, insert the funnel and fill a certain amount of oil, pull out the dipstick to determine whether it is full. Then cover the oil cap and wipe off the spilled oil.

6. Start the engine for a few minutes. Then close and check the dipstick again to determine if the oil level is appropriate. Finally, see if there is any oil leakage from the bottom of the vehicle.

The above are the main steps for replacing the oil filter introduced by the Air Filter supplier. If you don't have certain professional knowledge and practical experience, I suggest you go to a regular repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance. If you change the oil and oil filter yourself, remember to take the old oil to an appropriate place for recycling, so as not to pollute the environment.