How Should The Hydraulic System Select Replacement Vacuum Pump BUSCH Oil Filter?

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Update time : 2019-05-17 17:19:18

In the hydraulic system, the Replacement Vacuum Pump BUSCH Oil Filter is the filter element used in the system oil return. After the actuator is working, it may cause particulate impurities and rubber impurities due to the wear of the equipment, etc., so as not to bring the impurities in the oil into the fuel tank. It can only be filtered with a filter or filter in the oil return system.

This series of Alternative Vacuum Pump Oil Separator is installed in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to remove the metal powder and other mechanical impurities in the hydraulic system to keep the oil path clean and prolong the life of the hydraulic system; the low pressure series filter also has a side Through the valve. When the filter element is not replaced in time, the bypass valve can be automatically opened to ensure normal operation of the system.
Replacement Vacuum Pump BUSCH Oil Filter