External Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB, Internal Threaded Pot Magnet of NdFeB

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The Stainless Steel Sintered Filter adopts the standard five-layer sintered mesh. The standard five-layer sintered mesh is a five-layer stainless steel wire mesh superimposed and vacuum sintered. The filter element made of the same has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back-washing, accurate filtering precision, clean filter material and no falling off of the wire mesh.

In the use of stainless steel sintered filter need to avoid the following points:

1. The stainless steel sintered filter is not appropriate. When the filter element, if the filter element is not suitable for the current working environment, the filter element accuracy is too high, and the pressure exceeds the maximum allowable working pressure, which will result in the filter element being flattened.

2. Stainless steel sintered filter is not installed properly. The installation of the filter element is to be accurate and stable, and if the filter element is not fixed, the filtration work has already started, and the filter element is destroyed.

3. The stainless steel sintered filter plug is blocked and not replaced in time. The filter element is seriously blocked by the pollutants in the work and is not cleaned in time, resulting in an increase in the pressure difference of the filter element, and the strength of the filter element is insufficient to cause the filter element to be sucked.

The above is about stainless steel sintered filter, and I hope to help everyone.

Stainless Steel Sintered Filter