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Correct installation method of oil filter element for hydraulic filter element manufacturer

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We are for the replacement of oil filter element, whether should be filled with oil, raised questions and a heated discussion.To this, each great god opinions vary, some say to fill, some say half of the note, and even some people say simply do not add note, directly on the screw can, but also speak out their own truth.There is much to be said on both sides.Small make up here integrated the views of these friends, and after several studies, finally summed up a set of more reasonable oil filter correct replacement process, here to share with you.
Engine is the heart of engineering machinery, to maintain the operation of the whole machine, the engine work process, metal dust, dust, high temperature was oxidized carbon deposition and colloidal precipitate, water and so on constantly mixed with lubricating oil.The function of the oil filter is to remove the sundries, colloid and moisture in the oil, transport the clean oil to the lubrication parts, extend its service life, and play a decisive role in the construction machinery!
I believe that the front of the shallow truth for you do not need to say more, we will replace the oil filter element should first fill the oil this problem, analysis.Let's take a look at the opinions of netizens first:
Point 1: fill the oil before replacing the filter
Netizen A: the purpose of filling the oil is to remove the air in the filter element. If there is air, the oil will not flow well and it is easy to generate resistance, which will cause some parts to lack oil lubrication for A short time and cause wear and tear.
Netizen B: the filter element should be filled with oil to ensure continuous wetting of the machine.When replacing the oil, the old oil is completely empty. Only a small amount of oil in the filter element can ensure uninterrupted lubrication of the machine before a large amount of new oil is sucked into the oil passage.
Point 2: replace the filter and fill half of the oil into the filter element
Netizen C: the main purpose of injecting oil into the filter element is to fully moisten the inside of the new filter element, so as to increase the airtightness of the filter element.So, you can just rotate it half way around, you don't have to fill it up.If you fill it up and then put it in, the oil will easily leak out and the machine will get oil everywhere.
Net friend D: when we change the oil filter element, we only fill half of the oil, because when we change the filter element and add oil to the oil tank, the oil tank will have more buffer space. It doesn't matter if we add too much oil, too much oil is easy to spray out from the oil gauge mouth, and even if it is full, we can't move it.
Point three: the replacement filter without refueling oil, directly installed on it
Netizen E: apply a layer of oil to the filter-seal ring, and increase the filter-seal.Do not need to add oil, because when filling, oil and air contact, some dirty easily into the filter inside, causing unnecessary damage to the machine.As for the filter inside the air through the engine combustion will exhaust through the lower air.
After reading these netizens' opinions, you may feel that your head is too big. Should you first fill the oil in the oil filter element after all?Let below small make up for your answer:
Above all, suggest everybody must choose the filter core that normal manufacturer produces.
Oil filter element structure is simple, its internal filter paper and some important parts from the appearance is also difficult to distinguish.As a result, a variety of shanzhai filters are emerging in an endless stream at low prices, so some users buy fake products to save money.Small make up here to remind you that these informal channels out of the filter element on your love machine not only can not play a very good protection role, and even cause some damage, once the machine mixed with impurities, it may be more than the loss.
Oil filter element replacement steps:
Step 1: drain the waste oil
Drain the waste oil from the oil tank first. Place the old oil container under the oil sump and open the oil bolts to drain the waste oil.When you drain the oil, try to let the oil drip for a while. Make sure the oil is clean.(the oil will produce a lot of impurities after use. If the oil is not clean when being replaced, it is easy to block the oil circuit, resulting in poor oil supply and wear of structural parts. Step 2: remove the old oil filter element
Move the old oil container under the filter and remove the old filter element.Take care not to dirty the inside of the machine with waste oil.
Step 3: preparation before oil filter element installation
This step will tell you to replace the filter with a new machine without first filling the filter element with oil.
There are two ways to install oil filter element, the common is vertical installation, there are many small digging machine filter is installed horizontally.The installation method is different, so filling the oil can be divided into two situations:
First, the vertical installation of oil filter element, it is connected to the oil pump through a pipeline, this installation method is generally recommended that users replace the filter element to the filter element filled with oil.If the new filter is not filled with oil, the new filter element will produce air resistance, when the car caused a short period of internal lack of oil lubrication, will cause structural wear.The advantage of vertical installation is that the filter element has better tightness and less oil seepage.
Tip: vertically install the correct way to operate the oil filter element
Before replacing the filter, first find a clean environment, remove the protective film, and then fill the new filter with oil. Pay attention to the surrounding environment during the oil filling process, check the oil barrel and the oil filling port, and make sure not to bring dirt and other impurities.
And transverse installation of oil filter, it is not through the pipeline, directly connected to the oil pump, the design in the petrol tank filling oil filter inside the machine will not produce air resistance, filter before installation does not need to refill the oil in advance, at the same time of injected fresh oil to the oil box, oil filter can directly fill the engine oil.
Tip: install the oil cartridge in a horizontal way to operate correctly
Apply a layer of oil to the seal ring of the new oil filter element by hand to increase the tightness, and then you can install it directly. Pay attention to the surrounding environment during the installation to avoid impurities brought into the oil.
Step 4: install new oil filters
Check the oil outlet where the oil filter element is installed, and clean up the dirt and residual waste oil.Before installation, first in the oil outlet position on the seal ring, and then the new filter slowly screw up, filter machine do not screw too tight, in general, after tightening by hand, and then use a wrench on the 3/4 ring.Pay attention to the installation of new filter element, do not use a wrench to twist too hard, otherwise it is easy to damage the inner sealing ring of the filter element, resulting in poor sealing effect, no filtering effect!
Step 5: fill the oil tank with new oil
Finally, fill the oil tank with new oil and use a funnel if necessary to prevent the oil from pouring out of the engine.After refueling, check the engine bottom again for any leakage.
If there is no leakage, check the oil gauge to see if the oil is filled with the top line. We suggest adding the top line.In the daily work process, we also need to check the oil ruler regularly. If the oil is less than the offline line, it should be replenished in time.
Conclusion: oil filter element plays an irreplaceable role in the oil circuit of construction machinery
A small oil filter seems to be insignificant, but it has an irreplaceable position in the construction machinery.Machine cannot leave oil, be like human body cannot leave healthy blood, once human body loses blood overmuch or blood produces qualitative change, the life will be threatened badly.The same is true for machines. If the oil in the engine is not filtered by the filter element and enters the lubricating oil path directly, it will bring the sundries contained in the oil into the friction surface of the metal, accelerate the wear of parts and reduce the service life of the engine.Although it is extremely simple to replace the oil filter element, the correct operation method can extend the service life of the machine.This is the editor's answer to the question of whether to fill up the oil before installing the oil filter element. I hope it will be helpful for your daily work.

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