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Auto Oil filter in the amazing auto world

Auto Oil filter in the amazing auto world
Oil filter, also known as oil grid.It is used to remove impurities such as dust, metal particles, carbon precipitates and soot particles from engine oil and protect engine.
Oil filters are divided into full flow and fractional flow.The full-flow filter is connected in series between the oil pump and the main oil channel, so it can filter all lubricating oil entering the main oil channel.The shunt cleaner is parallel with the main oil channel, and only part of the lubricating oil sent out by the oil pump of the filter.
In the process of engine operation, metal dust, dust, carbon deposition and colloidal precipitates oxidized under high temperature, water and other continuously mixed with lubricating oil.The role of the oil filter is to filter out these mechanical impurities and gum, keep the lubricating oil clean, extend its service life.Oil filter should have strong filtering ability, small flow resistance, long service life and other properties.In general, several filters with different filtration capacities are installed in the lubrication system -- collection filter, coarse filter and fine filter, which are respectively connected in parallel or in series in the main oil channel.(the one in series with the main oil channel is called the full-flow filter. All lubricating oil is filtered by the filter during engine operation;In parallel with it is called shunt filter.Wherein, the coarse filter is in series in the main oil channel, which is of full-flow type;The fine filter is parallel in the main oil channel, which is a shunt type.Modern car engine is generally only equipped with a collection of filters and a full flow oil filter.The coarse filter is used to remove impurities with a particle size of 0.05mm or more in the oil, while the fine filter is used to remove impurities with a particle size of 0.001mm or more.
Technical characteristics
The filter paper: oil filter paper requirements than air filter is higher, mainly because the oil temperature changes from 0 to 300 degrees, in the drastic temperature change, the concentration of oil has changed correspondingly, which will affect the oil filtration flow.The filter paper of high quality oil filter should be able to filter impurities under drastic temperature changes while ensuring adequate flow rate.
Rubber seal ring: high quality oil filter seal ring is made of special rubber, ensure 100% oil leakage.
Reflux suppression valve: only high quality oil filters are available.When the engine is turned off, it prevents the oil filter from drying out.When the engine is reignited, it immediately creates pressure to lubricate the engine with oil.(also known as return valve)
Overflow valve: only high quality oil filter can be available.When the external temperature drops to a certain value or when the oil filter exceeds the normal service life limit, the overflow valve will be opened under special pressure to allow the unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine.Even so, the impurities in the oil get into the engine together, but the damage is much less than if there were no oil in the engine.Therefore, the overflow valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency.(also known as bypass valve)
Low installation:
A) drain or drain old oil
B) loosen the fixing screw and remove the old oil filter
C) apply a layer of oil to the sealing ring of the new oil filter
D) install the new oil filter and tighten the fixing screw
The recommended replacement cycle: cars and commercial vehicles are replaced every six months
Automobile oil filter requirements
Filter accuracy, filter out all > particles of 30 um,
Reduce particles entering lubrication clearance and causing wear (< 3-30um)
The oil flow meets the engine's oil requirements.
Long replacement period, at least longer than the life of the oil (km, time)
The filtering accuracy meets the requirement of protecting engine and reducing wear.
Large ash capacity, suitable for harsh environment.
Can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosion environment.
The lower the pressure difference, the better the filter oil, to ensure that the oil can pass through smoothly.
Oil filters on the market, there are two major shortcomings, and the new product to make up for the shortcomings, so it is necessary to use the new product magnetic machine
Oil filter.
Disadvantages: only 60% of the impurities in the oil can be removed, and the filtration efficiency is low;
This is due to the present oil filter, is relying on a single paper filter core hole to intercept and filter out the harmful impurities in the oil, the smaller the filter paper micro hole filtration effect is better, but the oil passing ability is worse.In order to solve the contradiction that the impurities of the smallest particles can be filtered out on the same filter paper microholes and the sufficient oil supplied to the engine can also pass through the microholes.By the filter branch of the national internal combustion engine industry association, the adoption of oil filter filtration efficiency ISO4548 international standard test method shows that: even the best oil filter on the market, it can only be designed to filter 60% of the impurities in the oil capacity, this is after thousands of experiments to get the maximum filtration value.In actual use, there are still 40% of the harmful impurities, which cannot be effectively filtered out by the paper filter core. Among these 40% of impurities, ferromagnetic impurities are relatively small and hard, so ferromagnetic impurities are in the majority, which will cause the greatest damage to the engine.
Disadvantage 2: the filtration efficiency is zero under special conditions;
Existing oil filters are equipped with bypass valves at the bottom of the paper filter elements. This is a direct oil flow channel designed to ensure the smooth circulation of oil back to the engine when the engine starts cold and the oil viscosity is high or the paper filter elements are partially or completely blocked.When the oil under the pressure of the pump to open the bypass valve, at this time of the by-pass valve cycle back to engine oil not only can not get paper filter filter, but also will have been original paper filter to filter out the larger particles of impurities, the bypass valve to rush back to the engine, brings to the engine secondary wear and uninterrupted use of oil filter on the market, therefore, under the condition of special basic filtering effect, so the filtration efficiency is zero.
As can be seen from the above two shortcomings, the existing oil filters do not have a permanent filtering effect on impurities larger than or smaller than the paper filter core microholes, but only those impurities equal to the paper filter core microholes and embedded into the paper filter core microholes have a permanent filtering effect, so the filtering efficiency is very low.
In general, the various parts in the engine is a lubricating oil to realize the normal work, but the metal particles produced during the parts work, into the dust, carbon deposition of high temperature oxidation and some of the water vapor is mixed with oil, after a long time the service life of the oil will be reduced, serious that may affect the engine running.
Therefore, this time the role of the oil filter is reflected.Simply put, the role of the oil filter is mainly to filter the vast majority of impurities in the oil, to keep the oil clean, extend its normal service life.In addition, the oil filter should also have strong filtering capacity, small flow resistance, long service life and other performance.

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