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Precision filter by Langfang Huilu Filtration And Equipment

Precision filter by Langfang Huilu Filtration And Equipment
The precision filter cartridge is the heart of the filter, as the name implies.The filter core is also the main principle of the filter, is to purify the original ecological resources and resources reuse, and the need of purification equipment, the filter core is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtering industries.Remove a small amount of impurities in the filter medium to protect the normal operation of the equipment or clean air. When the fluid passes through the filter core with certain precision, the impurities are blocked, and the clean flow flows out through the filter core.
Characteristic advantage
Folding permeability
The filter core adopts the American fiber filter material with strong hydrophobic and oil repellent, and adopts the skeleton with good permeability and high strength to reduce the resistance caused by passing.
Folding is very efficient
The filter core is made of German fine-mesh sponge, which can effectively prevent the oil and water from being carried away by the high-speed airflow, so that the small oil droplets coming down the road can be gathered to the lower end of the filter sponge, and flow side by side to the bottom of the filter container.
Folding tightness
The junction point between the filter core and the filter shell adopts a reliable seal ring to ensure the airflow is not short-circuited and prevent impurities from entering the downstream without going through the filter core.
The filter core adopts the anti-corrosion reinforced nylon end cover and anti-corrosion filter core skeleton, which can be used in bad working conditions.
An overview of the
The filter element can make the contaminated medium be purified to achieve the clean state required by our production and life, with a certain degree of cleanliness.The filter element is used in a wide range, ranging from industrial production such as steel smelting, power production, Marine purification, etc., to drinking water treatment, household waste utilization, automobile combustion filtration, bicycle oil filtration, etc.,
1. The filter cartridge is divided into air filter cartridge, water filter cartridge and oil filter cartridge according to the medium used.
2. According to the material of filter core, it can be divided into: paper filter core, chemical fiber filter core, metal mesh filter core, metal powder sintered filter core, PP filter core, wire-gap filter core, activated carbon filter core and so on.
3. The hydraulic system is divided into: oil absorbing filter core, pipeline filter core and oil return filter core.
4. The water filter core contains wire-wound filter core, PP fusion spray filter core, folding filter core and large flow filter core.
Execution standard
International standards for filter elements:
ISO2491 filter element - rupture resistance test
ISO2492 filter core - structural integrity test
ISO2493 filter core - material and liquid compatibility test
ISO3723 filter end to load experiment method
ISO3724 filter filter fatigue characteristics of the determination of ISO3968 filter differential pressure flow characteristic
ISO4572 filter many times through the method of determination of filtration characteristics

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