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Oil Filter by Huilu Filtration And Equipment

The function of oil filter core is to filter out harmful impurities in oil from oil sump, supply clean oil to crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring, etc. to lubricate, cool down and clean, thus extending the life of these parts.
In order to reduce the friction resistance between the relative moving parts of the engine and reduce the wear of the parts, the oil is continuously transferred to the friction surface of the moving parts to form lubricating film for lubrication.The oil itself contains a certain amount of colloids, impurities, moisture and additives.At the same time, in the working process of the engine, metal grinding chip, the entry of sundries in the air and the production of oil oxides make the sundries in the oil gradually increase.If the oil is not filtered and cleared and directly enters the lubricating oil road, it will bring the debris contained in the oil to the friction surface of the motor pair, accelerate the wear of parts and reduce the service life of the engine.
Due to the high viscosity of the oil itself and the high content of sundries in the oil, in order to improve the cleaning efficiency, the oil filter is generally three-level, which is oil filter set, crude oil filter and fine oil filter.The filter set is installed in the oil sump in front of the oil pump.The crude oil filter is installed behind the oil pump and connected in series with the main oil channel, mainly including metal scraper type, sawdust filter type and micro-hole filter paper type. Now it mainly adopts micro-hole filter paper type.The fine oil filter is installed in parallel with the main oil channel after the oil pump.The rotor oil filter adopts centrifugal filter without filter core, which effectively solves the contradiction between oil passing and filter efficiency.

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