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Characteristics of horizontal pump

The pump produced by the factory is suitable for pumping and discharging sewage and sludge under various harsh environments.The pump is downdraft type, which can drain the surface water of the working surface.Able to work under water for a long time or above water.Small area, easy to install and use, reliable and durable, long life.The following describes the horizontal pump conditions.
Horizontal pump service conditions
Horizontal pump is the motor and the pump direct link submerged working equipment.It is mainly applied to water supply and drainage engineering of farmland irrigation, city and industrial and mining enterprises.
Power supply requirements for horizontal pumps:
1. Rated frequency is 50 Hertz, and rated voltage of motor end shall be guaranteed to be 380 + / -5% three-phase ac power supply (special order is required if user voltage is 660 volts)
2. The load power of the transformer should not exceed 75% of its capacity.
3. When the transformer is far from the well, the voltage drop of the transmission line should be considered. For the motor with power greater than 45KW, the distance from the transformer to the wellhead should not be more than 20 meters.
Water quality requirements for horizontal pumps:
1. General non-corrosive water
2. Sand content in water shall not be greater than 0.01%(mass ratio)
3. PH value of PH is within the range of 6.5 to 8.5.
4. The content of chlorine ion in water shall be no more than 400 mg/l
5. The content of hydrogen sulfide is no more than 1.5ml/l
6, the water temperature is not higher than 20 .
Summary of working environment and conditions of horizontal pump:
1. The power supply frequency is 50hz, and the rated voltage is 380v or 660v(the allowable difference is plus or minus 5%).
2. The volume ratio of solid to conveying medium is less than 2%, and the density of conveying medium is 1.2x 10.
3. The temperature of the conveying medium shall not exceed 40 degrees.
4. The PH value of the conveying medium is 4-10.
5. The sewerage submersible pump unit without a sleeve starts from the cooling state of the motor, and the electric pump motor is allowed to keep out of the water for a short period of not more than 0.5 hours.
6. The depth of submergence shall not exceed 20m based on the impeller center.

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